01 Aug 2015

Camera Work: Some FDL Final Thoughts

Since this will be my last post on FDL, and at the encouragement of folks on Ruth’s Saturday Art, I decided I would run it. The photo shown is a pivotal image, and has been my splash screen on my Desktop since 2008 or 09. It is there because the

26 Jul 2015

Camera Work: Going Back

I have a huge file of images; film of all sizes from 8”x10” to 35mm, B&W color and of course digital. The digital consists of scanned work from the film and original digital images. Using the designation common for digital audio, I range from AAA and DDD imagery, as well

19 Jul 2015

Camera Work: Taking A Flyer

  Words fail me, like my high school teachers. In fact, words are like teachers, in the sense that they name things so we can talk about things. Busy week, learning much more about EECP, how it works, why it works. Then there is the issue of increased Radon in

12 Jul 2015

Camera Work: Fractals and Mandalas

Camera Work: Fractals and Mandalas. In 1987, my whole visual world turned upside down and inside out. Simultaneously and sequentially. I discovered Fractals, when I became aware of a book by James Gleick “Chaos: The Making of a New Science” What is a fractal? The term was coined by Benoit

28 Jun 2015

Camera Work: Two Moons That Weren’t There.

Camera Work: Two Moons That Weren’t There Well, they were, but not in those positions. There are considerable concerns today, in photojournalism, that the images represent an event is as it actually happened, that is the image was not manipulated, re-arranging the elements in the frame, for instance, to make

21 Jun 2015

Camera Work: The Weston Influence

©1966-2015 Lawrence Hudetz Ruth Calvo’s blog Saturday Art featured Frida Kahlo, an artist from Mexico in the early 20th Century, wife of Diego Rivera, who befriended Edward Weston, influencing Weston’s work. I commented on the connection, and decided to make Weston the center piece for this Sunday’s Camera Work. Now,

14 Jun 2015

Camera Work: Evolutionary Moments in Photography.

Last week, for the first time in 37 years, the Triple Crown in horse racing was won by American Pharoah and of course, Sports Illustrated was there. The cover shot was produced by the deputy picture editor, Erick Rasco in a unusual but not unique fashion which you can read

07 Jun 2015

Camera Work: Potpourri

  Today, a variety of subjects, consisting of additions to my website, links to photo websites and information of interest to photographers, and a surprise at the end, compliments of Google Photos. First, a note about today’s photo. It’s a storage shed for the St. Paul Rodeo, in St. Paul

31 May 2015

Camera Work: Women in Photography

Camera Work: Women in Photography This week saw the passing of an iconic photographer, Mary Ellen Mark. I decided to post a tribute to her but in doing a bit of research, I came up with a link connecting to stories about women in photography over the past century, so

24 May 2015

Camera Work: Light

A photographer can work so long as there is light – Edward Weston Yesterday, I came home from shopping and was struck by the color of the Rhodies just outside my front door. They had a glow on that I didn’t remember from last year, so, after putting the groceries