01 Jul 2008

The news is out: Obama opposes CA anti-gay Prop. 8

Fox News has a story up: Obama Opposes California Ballot Measure Seeking Constitutional Ban on Same-Sex Marriage It seems the campaign is going to stick with hairsplitting for now rather than going strong and principled. “Senator Obama supports civil unions, and he has consistently opposed federal and state constitutional marriage

01 Jun 2007

Bush nominates promoter of ex-gayism for Surgeon General

Dr. James Holsinger appears to be a heavily “faith-based” religio-political activist, and isn’t likely to serve the health interests of the full and diverse community of tax-paying Americans. His record as a member and current president of the United Methodist Judicial Council, the highest church court for the Methodist Church

12 Mar 2007

Godless Congressman is Longtime LGBT Ally

Rep. Pete Stark with son Fortney at an anti-war protest in DC Some may think this diary is a bit off-topic for the site, but I happen to think it’s right on-topic–and I welcome your comments on that meta-issue as well as on the immediate subject of the post. Homophobia

16 Feb 2007

Heliocentrism: Yet Another Jewish Conspiracy?

Just when you feel like you’re starting to get a handle on the range of, er, worldview diversity in America today, along comes something that completely blows your mind all over again. The following is an excerpt of a memo written by Republican State Representative Ben Bridges of Georgia to