28 May 2010

BP Gulf spill flow rates still lowballed; lower bound is 30,000 barrels per day

The USGS has come out with new estimates for the flow from the BP Horizon gusher and, while substantially higher than the previous estimates, they are still dubious numbers. Response efforts have, once again, proven governmental estimates too low.

26 May 2010

Protests against BP and Federal actions leading to and responding to Gulf oil-pocalypse

This thread is intended as a forum to raise awareness of existing and potential avenues for effective civil protest for the actions of BP and the Obama administration relative to the Guld oil spill/gusher.

21 May 2010

BP Horizon largest accidental oil spill in history – effective tomorrow

32 days at 95,000 barrels/day will make the BP Gulf oil spill larger than Ixtoc I.

02 Apr 2010

Teabaggers, Beanbaggers and Conservadems

There is a point there if you are forced to make a choice, but it does ignore the enthusiasm gap, the park-your-ass-on-the-easy-chair option. I propose a new option in the hyphenated “-bagger” lexicon: BeanBagger

13 Mar 2010

Pin the PO tail on a Donkey: cutting through the fog and Kabuki

To get around the fog of words and Kabuki dance regarding support for the Public Option and why one can’t be included in Health Care Reform reconciliation, there is one answer at this late hour: preemptive blame.

We need to blame Nancy Pelosi for killing it. Not necessarily because she’s holding the smoking gun, but because she has the power to change it and specifically laying blame on individuals is the only way to get around the blame diffusion game the leadership is trying to play.

05 Feb 2010

Liberals and Libertarians

In a brief and unpleasant conversation, an acquaintance called me a hypocrite for holding both rather libertarian and liberal views. Our dialogue caused me to think about why this seemed such a conundrum to him, and apparently, to the Tea Partiers on the national stage who feel that the Left is composed of fasco-communist, communitarians and that government is the sole enemy of liberty.