06 Oct 2011

Testing memory hole function

This is a test of the memory hole function. This is only a test. Our regularly scheduled programming will follow this test. Repeat: This is only a test.

03 Sep 2011

The Disease Called Being Poor in America

Another powerful and timely essay by McCamy Taylor. I felt compelled to re-post this at this time because I am sitting here, looking out the window, watching a family with several children being ousted from their home….the U-Haul is in front of their house as I write, and just by

31 Aug 2011

It’s Midnight in America

I ran across this powerful and most excellent essay whilst lurking elsewhere. I was so moved by this piece that I was compelled not only to grab a box of Kleenex,  but to contact the author to obtain permission to post her essay here on FDL. Ms. Taylor has most