28 Apr 2009

Holy Filibuster, Batman! Sen. Specter Becomes A Democrat

Breaking news! Arlene Specter becomes a Democrat!

28 Apr 2009

The Republican Spiral, Down, Down, Down

Things are bad for the Republican Party in a way we have never seen. They are in very real danger of being rendered completely irrelevant.

27 Apr 2009

Weekly Torture Action Letter 8 – AG Holder, You Are Riding a Tiger

Every Monday the Dog writes a letter to the folks who have some influence on whether we will see a true investigation into torture. This series is designed to let folks cut and paste this letter and send it in under their own name. Will you help out?

24 Apr 2009

The Final Friday Constitutional – Amendments 26 And 27

This is the last of the Dog’s series on the US Constitution. It finishes the Amendments and gives a wrap up of what the Dog has learned.

23 Apr 2009

The Difference Between Training And Torture: Consent

There are many things which are legal as long as one consents to having it done. This is the failure of the new Republican meme that because we train our soldiers with some of the torture techniques, QED they can not be torture. What this fails to take into account is consent.

23 Apr 2009

Building The Wave Of Support For Torture Investigations

While we seem to have gotten the attention of the politicians, in order to make sure they stay on track with torture investigations we need to show them the people have there back on this issue. There is a simple way to help with this, build a wave of support.

21 Apr 2009

The System Is Working On Torture

While we all want action on torture now, there are a lot of things in the works which look better than we might think listening to just the pronouncements from the White House.

20 Apr 2009

Mr. President You Are Making A Mistake

This is copy of a letter I have just sent to the President. Call it the dying of faith, but it begins to seem the issue which made me change my support during the primaries was just a political promise designed to get the votes of people like me. I feel like a fool.

17 Apr 2009

Friday Constitutional 20 – Amendments 24 And 25

This is the 20th installment of the Friday Constitutional Series. This series takes a layman’s look at the US Constitution.

16 Apr 2009

The Bybee Memo – The Very Anatomy of Evil

While there is a much more to come out about the Bush Administrations State Sponsored Torture Program, one of the most horrific is the calm legalistic reasoning used to justify a known War Crime in Judge Bybee’s torture Memo.