15 May 2009

A Good Week On Torture Accountability

While we are not at the finish line for accountability, this week did provide some good signs of moving in the right direction, if not as fast as we would like.

08 May 2009

In Which I Say I Will Not Run In 2010

After working towards a run this cycle it becomes clear I can not do it in this time frame.

07 May 2009

The Bush Administration Skeleton Key

This may not be news to some, but the Dog had a real epiphany about it last night. Sometimes a new piece of information changes your view of events. It now looks like the Bush Administration was so driven by fear they trampled the Constitution and started wars, committed war crimes all to keep themselves safe.

06 May 2009

Ready For An Openly Gay Supreme Court Justice?

While there has been a lot of talk about women of color becoming Justices the Dog tends to think that fight will be nothing compared to the possibility of an openly gay Justice.

05 May 2009

So, The Dog Was Completely Wrong About Sen. Specter

When you make a mistake you should own it. This is where the Dog walks back his exhortation for the Democratic base to give Sen. Specter some time, he was going to be a weasel, but at least our weasel. His comments today about Norm Coleman needing to be named the winner of the race in MN shows how wrong one hound can be.

04 May 2009

Weekly Torture Action Letter 9 – China and Rule of Law

This is a letter writing campaign in support of starting criminal investigations on the Bush era torture program.

01 May 2009

Friday Constitutional – Bonus Edition

At the request of a blog friend of the Dogs there is one more Friday Constitutional looking at how a native American federal government influenced the structure of our Constitution.

30 Apr 2009

Breaking H1N1 Confirmed In Denver

H1N1 Confirmed in Denver this afternoon.

30 Apr 2009

Mr. President You Can’t Have It Both Ways on Torture

While it is good that the president was willing to say that waterboarding is torture at last nights press conference, doing so also means he should be calling for investigation of the crime of torture.

29 Apr 2009

Thomas Friedman is a Yutz – Here is Why

The Dog try’s not to call people out too much. It gets into pie fights far too easily. However, when someone would use the New York Times to spread fear, be an apologist for torture and advocate against the rule of law because it might be hard, then the Dog must speak.