26 Feb 2009

Let’s Sue The Federal Government About Torture

While we wait for the DOJ to act on the clear problem of our State sanctioned torture, there may be an action that the citizens can take to remove the political nature of this investigation from DOJ consideration.

24 Feb 2009

Why We Should Stay in Afghanistan

There are those that for principled reasons argue that we must leave Afghanistan. Here are my principled reasons for staying.

23 Feb 2009

Campaigning 101 – Training and Gut Check

An occasional series talking about the needs for running and winning a campaign for public office. This time we talk about candidate training and being comfortable with the decision to run.

20 Feb 2009

Friday Constitutional 12 – Amendments 3 and 4

This is the 12th in the Dog’s series taking a layman’s look at the US Constitution.

19 Feb 2009

Mr. President, Have I Been Rolled On Torture?

As someone that changed their support away from one candidate to then Sen. Obama, because of the implicit promise of investigation of torture by the criminal Bush administration, the Dog has to ask, has he been rolled on torture?

18 Feb 2009

On Data, Truth, Emotion And Persuasion.

A short rumination on the various failings of relying solely on Data, Truth or Emotion in trying to persuade people.

03 Feb 2009

Help – I have The Andromeda Strain

Since the local cold bug has felled the Dog, he thought it would be good to remind folks the basics for avoiding and treating a cold.

02 Feb 2009

Not Radical Change, But Lots Of Increments

While the new President did run on a platform of change, that is in no way the same as being ready for radical change.

16 Jan 2009

Friday Constitutional 7 – Article Two, Sections 1-4 , Presidential Powers

A continuing series looking at the Constitution of the United States from the prospective of a layman.

02 Jan 2009

Friday Constitutional 5 – Article One: Sections 9 and 10

The continuation of a series taking a layman’s look at the US Constitution.