10 Mar 2009

Campaigning 101 – Finding a Campaign Manager

Running for office can be daunting for first-timers. This is the Dog’s occasional series on the basic nuts and bolts for candidates.

09 Mar 2009

Why Torture is So Heinous and What You Can Do About It

There is nothing so damaging as torture, both to its victims and a society that engages in it. There is something you can do about it, if you are willing.

06 Mar 2009

The Supreme Court and Mr. Al-Marri, It Could Be Worse.

The case of Mr. Al-Marri was dismissed by the Supreme Court today. It is unfortunate that his case against capricious Executive power was not heard, but it was not a total loss either.

06 Mar 2009

Friday Constitutional 14 – Amendments 7, 8, 9 and 10

This is the 14th in the Dogs weekly series taking a layman’s look at the Constitution of the United States.

05 Mar 2009

Another Coffin Nail – Boss Limbaugh

While some feel that we are setting up a future problem by making Boss Limbaugh the face of the Republican party, the Dog sees it as one more rail road spike in the coffin of the Republican Party.

04 Mar 2009

The Best Green Power You Might Have Never Heard Of

There are lots of green technologies that are on the horizon, but it is very strange to the Dog that almost no one is talking about one that exists today and uses completely off the shelf tech to generate power day and night.

03 Mar 2009

I Was Wrong On Bank Nationalization

There are times when you think that you know what is right, but when new information and new understanding comes along you find out that you were wrong. When this happens it is important to recognize it and explain it. This dairy does both.

02 Mar 2009

I Will Neither Tweet Nor Twitter

There are technologies that are intended to make us more efficient, but if it comes at the cost of our ability to use language well, are they worth it?

28 Feb 2009

Special Saturday Edition of Friday Constitutional – Amendments 5 and 6

So, the Dog messed up and posted last weeks installment again. Instead of getting too far behind we will have two this week! It is, as always a layman’s look at the Constitution of the US.

27 Feb 2009

Friday Constitutional 12 – Amendments 3 And 4

This is the twelfth in a weekly series looking at the US Constitution from a layman’s perspective. This week we look at the 3rd and 4th Amendments.