26 Mar 2009

On Being a Better Democrat

If we want better Democratic elected officials, it is up to us the members of the Party to make the Party better and more accountable. The best tool for this is primaries, but only if we do it right.

25 Mar 2009

Sensible Regulation for ‘Too Big to Fail’ Companies

One of the problems with our current economic crisis is the failure of companies which are so large they could collapes the economy if they are allowed to fail. Going forward we must find a way to prevent any company from attaining this status, this is the Dog’s idea for the regulation to prevent this.

23 Mar 2009

Weekly Torture Action 3 – ‘Criminalizing Policy’ Letter

This is a weekly series encouraging a letter writing campaign about the issue of torture. The Dog will write a letter that anyone is welcome and begged to use to contact the leaders in our nation. The sole purpose of this series to make sure that the criminal Bush administration policy of State Sanctioned torture is not swept under the rug.

20 Mar 2009

Friday Constitutional 16 – Amendments 13 and 14, Slavery and Equal Protection

This is the 16th of the Dogs series taking a layman’s look at the United States Constitution.

19 Mar 2009

How To Talk About Torture With Those Who Don’t Care

It is not enough to talk to those who understand torture is a cancer that eats any society that practices it to the bone. We have to be working to convince those who are focused on other less conceptual issues. This is the Dog’s attempt to lay out one path to bringing these folks around.

16 Mar 2009

Torture Weekly Action – Rule of Law Letter

This series is intended to make it easy for those that would like to take action on torture by contacting the President and other high officials. Every week a new letter that can be cut and pasted will be posted. It is a small step, but every bit counts in terms of the rule of law.

13 Mar 2009

Friday Constitutional 15 – Amendments 11 and 12

The fifteenth installment of the Dog’s series taking a layman’s look at the Constitution of the United States.

12 Mar 2009

The Diary From New Galt Gulch

Sometimes you have to really think through what it is that Conservatives are talking about doing. Here is a small piece of future history.

11 Mar 2009

Banks Did Not Pay for Insurance, FDIC Will Have to Borrow

As if we did not have enough problems to lay at the feet of the Republicans free market fetish, now the FDIC is going to ask for 500 billion. They have to do this because Republican Congresses, encouraged by the Banks, would not let them collect the insurance premiums they were due.

11 Mar 2009

Gov. Sanford and Ideological Glare-Blindness

It is startling the level of denial from the Republican party about the complete failure of their policy. This is not stopping folks like Governor Sanford of South Carolina from still trying to toe the ideological line.