15 Apr 2009

Why the Teabaggers Are Such a Failure

You can always take a movement to the streets, but that does not mean that you should. Today’s Teabag protests are a classic example of how not to make your case with street protests.

14 Apr 2009

Weekly Torture Action Letter 6: Time Is Running Out To Investigate

Every week I post a letter and links that make it easy for folks to contact the Democratic Leadership, the President, the AG and the Supreme Court urging an investigation of torture. Will you please take the time to do it?

10 Apr 2009

Friday Constitutional 19 – Amendments 21, 22 And 23

This is the 19th in the Dogs on going series about the Constitution. This series takes a layman’s look at our founding document.

07 Apr 2009

I Just Helped Lay-Off 140 People

What do you do when you are tasked with saving jobs, but you come up short. Here is the story of the Dog’s failure.

06 Apr 2009

Weekly Torture Action Letter 5: Investigate, It Might Prove Them Innocent

In order to assure that we get an investigation of the apparent State Sponsored Torture program of the Bush Administration, the Dog is pushing a weekly letter writing campaign.

05 Apr 2009

Do You Want Action On Torture? Then You Must Act

It is all very well for us to voice our opinions about what should be done, but when the rubber hits the road, if we want any kind of change, we must act.

03 Apr 2009

Friday Constitutional 18 – Amendments 18,19 And 20

The 18th in the Dogs continuing series taking a layman’s look at the Constitution of the United States of America.

31 Mar 2009

Campaigning 101 – Finding Your Win Number

This is the Dog’s series on the basics of being a first time candidate. It is intended to give those considering a run some of the concepts that they will need to be successful.

30 Mar 2009

Weekly Torture Action Letter: If We Don’t Do It, Others Will

This is the fourth week of the Dogs letter writing campaign to try to spur an investigation into the apparent State Sponsored Torture program of the Bush Administration. If you would take a few minutes to write, it could make a difference.

27 Mar 2009

Friday Constitutional 17 – Amendments 15-17

This is the most recent installment in the Dogs on-going series taking a layman’s look at the United States Constitution.