21 Dec 2010

In Haley Barbours good ol’ Miss Right Now!

If  your  not familliar with the case of the Scott Sisters here’s a quick rundown. Two African American sisters  were convicted of armed robbery  in Mississippi . The robbery netted $11.00, and no one was killed or injured. Both sisters were convicted and  each recieved a double life sentence .

20 Dec 2010

“Austerity” is Theft by Means of Politics

I am a partisan leftist. I am so because my reading of leftist analyses matches up with my reading of history, and both readings match up with my lifelong experience and observation. I am not an expert on any subject, but I believe like Bob Dylan, that “you don’t need

18 Dec 2010

One more time

Ok this is the last one. But its uncanny, no? Anyone who believes (even a little bit) that the corporate/media/government axis of evil dosent have “a plan for your life” , or is going to be even remotely responsive to the needs and will of working people, then you should

18 Dec 2010

Yesterdays Predictions

Prescient,crystal ball, blinding insight,etc.,

16 Nov 2010

Sick of the TSA and long lines?

What is the TSA’s aggressive screening operation really there for? They use fear of terrorism to justify them and suppress public outrage, but I think its main functions are to drive down insurance costs, and to condition us to being treated like cattle. BTW Those insurance execs don’t fly with

15 Nov 2010

U – Cubes

This is a neat-o site begun by laid off members of the Machinists Union. Anyone can join and its not only about jobs, its also about solidarity, and building Communities. Take action for free. http://www.unionofunemployed.com/

08 Nov 2010

There Is No “Tea Party”

“The Tea Party” does not exist. It has no Platform, no officeholders, no policy proposals, no employees,no budget, no “party” structure at all. It doesn’t even have a physical address. Most of its “chapters” are web sites that are updated rarely or not at all. Over 70% of its self identified membership has never

02 Nov 2010

Forget Political Parties, For a Just Moment

the very existence of unions is a threat to the unchallenged power of the employer class, as the abolitionist was to the slaveholding class. Based on the amount of time effort and money they spend on crushing dissent, our capitalist class seem to live in fear of a general uprising just as slaveholders lived in fear, and also for the same reason; they know the system that upholds their wealth power and privilege is morally and also, probably, practically unsustainable.