10 May 2011

Let’s Join Japan and Junk New Nukes

Japan will build no new nuclear reactors. It’s a huge body blow to the global industry, and could mark a major turning point in the future of energy.  Says Prime Minister Naoto Kan: “We need to start from scratch… and do more to promote renewables.” Wind power alone could—and now

29 Apr 2011

Will the Nuclear Power Industry Melt Down?

In the wake of the apocalyptic nightmare at Fukushima, the multi-trillion-dollar global nuclear power industry is looking over the abyss at a long-overdue extinction.

28 Mar 2011

“Safe” Radiation is a Lethal TMI Lie

There is no safe dose of radiation.

We do not x-ray pregnant women.

22 Mar 2011

Kill Nuke Power Before it Kills Us All

The Japanese people are now paying a horrific price for the impossible dream of the “Peaceful Atom.” For a half-century they have been told that what’s happening now at Fukushima would never occur.

Our hearts and souls must first and foremost go out to them. As fellow humans, we must do everything in our power to ease their wounds, their terrible losses and their unimaginable grief.

We are also obliged—for all our sakes—to make sure this never happens again.

11 Mar 2011

Japan’s Quake Could Have Irradiated the Entire US

Had the massive 8.9 Richter-scale earthquake that has just savaged Japan hit off the California coast, it could have ripped apart at least four coastal reactors and sent a lethal cloud of radiation across the entire United States. (http://nukefree.org/ace-hoffman-computerized-graphic-what-if-chernobyl-h… )

03 Mar 2011

Corporate Union Busters Draw First Blood in Ohio

The national corporate campaign to destroy America’s public sector unions has drawn first blood in Ohio.

21 Feb 2011

Fighting the 5 Fascisms in Wisconsin and Ohio

The escalating confrontations in Wisconsin and Ohio are ultimately about preventing the US from becoming a full-on fascist state.

14 Feb 2011

Obama’s $36 Billion Nuke-Powered Giveaway

Amidst huge budget cuts in social programs, Obama wants to give $36 Billion in loan guarantees for new nuke reactors.

10 Feb 2011

“Thomas Paine”: Ohio Republicans Would Execute Medicare Recipients

The Ohio GOP may soon push “breakthrough” legislation requiring the official execution of Medicare recipients.

07 Feb 2011

Socialism Triumphs at Super Bowl as Class War Looms

Socialism has again triumphed at the Super Bowl. The only major sports team owned by the community in which it lives has toughed out its fourth modern-era National Football League championship.