14 Feb 2010

Our Founders were NOT Fundamentalists

This weekend’s New York Times Magazine highlights yet another mob of extremists using the Texas School Board to baptize our children’s textbooks…

10 Feb 2010

Vermont’s Radioactive Nightmare

Like a decayed flotilla of rickety steamers, at least 27 of America’s 104 aging atomic reactors are known to be leaking radioactive tritium, which is linked to cancer if inhaled or ingested through the throat or skin.

The fallout has been fiercest at Vermont Yankee, where a flood of cover-ups has infuriated and terrified near neighbors who say the reactor was never meant to operate more than 30 years, and must now shut.

02 Feb 2010

Obama’s New Nuclear War

Amidst utter chaos in the atomic reactor industry, Team Obama is poised to vastly expand a bitterly contested loan guarantee program that may cost far more than expected, both financially and politically.