01 Sep 2011

Will Dear Leader really sue the banksters?

Why I’m cynical about Dear Leader’s alleged plan to sue the banksters over CDOS. Let’s say such a suit is launched. It will be settled for pennies on the dollar. And then? Said money is used by Team Obama to create a successor to HARP and HAMP called HEMP: “Home

28 May 2011

Texas budget official; time for school suits against Perry?

With the Texas Legislature officially passing a new state budget that, from the start of the current legislative cycle, officially said “eff you” to school districts in the state (among other entities), will we see lawsuits by Texas school districts? After all, the Rick Perry-sponsored franchise tax revisions are what

09 May 2011

Dear David Brooks: It’s called “unemployment”

Even for him, Brooks is teh stupid today. He bemoans that, while in 1954, 96 percent of American men 25-54 were working, today it’s only 80 percent. Without noting that we’re in the worst economic situation since the Depression. Without noting why the “structural changes” he cites later occurred. To

18 Apr 2011

Will FDL’s editors show some endorsement cojones in 2012?

As Glenn Greenwald makes clear, Obama is NOT a “bumbler” on budget negotiations with the GOP. This is all deliberate. Given that Preznit Kumbaya’s now been in office almost 2.5 years, he will clearly only change his stripes to move them further to the right. So, will Jane, Marcy, et

06 Mar 2011

Wisconsin Dems cave

What else can you call it? If this WSJ story is correct, “cave” is the only word to be used for the 14 Democrats of the Wisconsin state senate. The 14 think that bill Gov. Scott Walker wants to pass, ending collective bargaining for state unionized employees, will “taint” him

01 Dec 2010

TPM = MSM-lite on WikiLeaks

Per FAIR, I now now that a Talking Points Memo post on the top five surprises out of the cables not only was about unsurprising information, but also, rather than looking directly at the cables, instead looked directly at the New York Times’ interpretation of them … once again, TPM

04 Nov 2010

Texas Greens Guarantee 2012 Party-Line Access

Yahhhh! Texas Greens got more than 5 percent of the vote for Edward Lindsey’s performance in the Texas State Comptroller race. Automatic ballot access in 2012! This means that, rather than having to conduct a write-in campaign in one of the most anti-third party states in the country in spring

02 Nov 2010

Would Ben Nelson Switch Parties?

And, along with that, would Lieberman switch caucuses? In his latest post at 538, Nate Silver gives the GOP about 50-50 odds of getting its Senator count up to 49, and suggests that, should that be the case, its charm offense on those two senators will start soon. Let’s take

31 Oct 2010

Is Texas Facing a 25 Percent Budget Shortfall?

It could be. Forget the $18 billion being bandied about. Gov. “Economic Miracle” (only by crony contracts that get unfulfilled) Rick Perry isn’t necessarily telling the truth. It could be worse. First, the bare background: That central question of the state’s budget debate isn’t answered yet, at least officially. Estimates

29 Oct 2010

More Reasons to Vote Green

I loved Dave Schwab’s post on why we need to vote Green, or other progressive third parties. I wanted to add some historical perspective and background to this. I’ve voted Green in the last two presidential elections. I think we need to note a historical analogy for the Democrats right-or-wrong