24 Apr 2009

Maine’s Existing Marriage Law “Findings and Purposes” – No Kids = No Marriage?

There was a very thought provoking letter in today’s Kennebec Journal. I am writing to express my support for LD 1020. My fiancé and I were born and raised in central Maine, graduating in the same class from Winslow High. Even though I am one woman wanting to marry one

26 Mar 2009

Pat Buchanan needs a CAT scan – now.

I just listened to this exchange on Hardball between Chris Matthews and Pat Buchanan. CM: If you were ambassador to Mexico, what would you do? PB: First thing I’d do, I’d start the security fence on the Mexican border – do that. Second, I think you do help the Mexican

10 Feb 2009

Obama versus Bush – A refreshing absence of slogans

I realize it is way too early to make this judgment, but after last night's press conference I realized something remarkable.  President Obama talked for 60 minutes and never once resorted to a “Bumper Sticker” or pithy catchy slogan to dumb down what he was saying.  (Neither did he call any

16 Jan 2009

Bush finally reveals his religious “crusade” with 4 days to go.

I listened to W's farewell talk last night and had to go to WH.gov to get the actual text.  I couldn't believe that after 7 years of occupation in a devoutly Muslim nation, that this president or his advisors could still not understand the power of implied “Crusade-speak” yet there it

22 Dec 2008

Iraq turtures shoe thrower, forces confession – How quickly they grow up…

Well it looks like we have created a “democratic” state in the Middle East in the image of the Bush Cheney version of American Democracy after all.   The shoe thrower has apparantly been beaten, tortured with electrical probes, possibly blinded in one eye, had several ribs and one arm

04 Nov 2008

Some suggestions for those who voted early – help the elderly.

We are going to see historic record turnout today.  Long lines (hours in some areas) The 6 hour wait is particularly hard on the elderly.  I am badly arthritic and know that I would never be able to stand in line for 6 hours. Never. For those who can, may

13 Oct 2008

House Repubs respond to Pelosi Stimulus proposal (with comments)

Republicans proposed a number of measures that, they say, will “turn the corner towards real economic growth,” including: Removing legal barriers to speed up new offshore oil drilling. A law banning offshore drilling expired October 1, but Republican lawmakers say lawsuits could block new offshore rigs and want judges to

12 Oct 2008

Another Pop Quiz – Find the subject in the following answer

For extra credit identify each misuse of the words “also”, any glaring sentance fragments and all instances of lack of agreement between noun and verb. Oh teh stoopid, it burns.      Sarah Palin sat down Friday night with Tribune-Review political reporter Salena Zito for a wide-ranging interview that covered

12 Oct 2008

The wristwatch poll – softball Sunday Topic.

First a disclaimer – I am a watch junkie.  It is an affliction which my wife tolerates with ill disguised disdain.  There are birds which steal “bright and shiney objects” to hoard.  Watch collectors have slightly less control. As a result, I notice what watch others are wearing.  The watch

10 Oct 2008

Fixed Noise conducts a push poll for McCain

I decided to read the questions in this most recent “poll” .  Look what I found buried WAAAAY below the fold.  http://elections.foxnews.com/2008/10/10/fox-news-poll-candidates-character/ 41. Which presidential candidate do you think is more likely to be hiding the truth about his background and past associations — Barack Obama or John McCain? (ROTATE) Obama