27 Feb 2013

Scalia, Voting Rights, and Flip Flops

I caught this Scalia quote from Huffington Post on today’s Voting Rights Act trial: “Whenever a society adopts racial entitlements, it is very difficult to get out of them through the normal political processes.” This quote is very interesting given what it says of Scalia and the rest of the

14 Nov 2012

Did You Catch That Preemptive Cave Yet??

The President is saying he wants $1.6 Trillion in revenue increases as part of any deal and supposedly told Progressives that he will not budge. However, do any of you Progressives understand that he has said he wants $4 trillion in total deficit savings and that his declaration of not

13 Nov 2012

Is it Fraud Now?

I just had a thought…given the fact that many Republicans feel they were lied to and cheated out of money by the conservative consultants and commentariat who assured them they were more capable of success than they were, and given the fact that there is now much anger and calls

17 Nov 2011

Prepare for the Financial Collapse About to Happen

As I kept telling my friends down in Occupy Wall Street, they will move against us and clear out this park when they know that the next collapse is imminent. Well, they moved to clear out every park in one day and were helped by the FBI. Do you really

20 Oct 2011

Jesse Jackson Held the Line at OWS

For disclosure purposes, I wasn’t at OWS the night this occurred but I know the people relaying the story are honest, hard working people and bluntly put, they were physically there. Needless to say I think it is amazing. As I’ve said before, I work with the Medical group down

14 Oct 2011

Stand with Occupy Wall Street

I left OWS a few hours ago and the mood is defiant, if a bit downcast. Almost every night for the past 2 weeks, I have helped out in the medical clinic to keep our supplies organized so we can treat our brothers and sisters in this Resistance against the

23 Aug 2011

Can’t We Just Write-In Eric Schneiderman for President?

After reading a few hours ago that the Obama administration is once again up to its craptacular bank-centric tactics again by kicking Eric Schneiderman off of their fake settlement committee, I was enraged. But then I realized, I finally found the man I will vote for in 2012. None of

31 Jul 2011

It’s Time to Make the Call: Dare Obama to Resign or at least Not Seek Re-Election

I think we’ve been going about this all wrong. Thinking about primarying Obama in a stacked political process designed to benefit him saps the motivation of many on the Left. But I think there is an easier way. Given that ANY of the lousy deals being formulated between Congress and

26 Jul 2011

The Repugs Stole the 2004 Election. Did Anybody See this story?

According to a story on BenZinga, there is proof the Republicans fixed the Ohio election results.

12 Jul 2011

Wisconsin Recalls Update

I wasn’t seeing anything on here so I looked into how the recall primaries are going. It looks like 2 races have been called already and I believe they are 2 of the “real” Democrats. The other races look very promising as well. Here’s a link: http://www.jsonline.com/news/statepolitics/125430333.html Update: So far