12 Sep 2012

Who is behind the Movie?

This anti-Islamic movie that is causing so much anxiety, outrage, and violence, well, I pray that the press digs around into its origins.  This has all of the markings of a Carl Rove move, or James O’Keefe.  If Rove, the remnants of the Breitbart gang, or some other (Koch-ish) GOP group is

19 Jan 2012

Mitt’s Millions and the Politics of Envy

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is a wealthy man.  He is the son of a wealthy man.  His sons will be wealthy men.  Their sons will be wealthy men.   These are statements of reality, not statements driven by envy.  Al Capone was a wealthy man.  Saddam Hussein was a wealthy

16 Nov 2011

Some financial Law and Order — and other related issues

In a post a couple of weeks ago I wondered if there might be a way for the 99% to cooperate better by bringing  together progressives and Tea Partiers (and the huge block of people with no name…to match their voiceless status).  Below are some thoughts on the matter. Tax code.

04 Nov 2011

Towards a Tea Party-OWS Rapprochement?

I saw this post today and decided to write a short reply.  I think that a strategically sound thing for Progressives to do right now is, rather than ridicule Righties confused/embarrassed by what a disaster their party has become, to point out to them that Progressive populism is actually better aligned

12 Oct 2011

Is the Republic Lost?

According to Founding lore, upon the completion of the constitutional convention, a woman asked a very old Ben Franklin, “Dr. Franklin, what (form of government) have you given us?”  To this Franklin is to have replied, “A Republic, Ma’am, if you can keep it.” Have we?  Has the Republic been

03 Nov 2010

The 3M Strategy, Part I

In my last (and first!) post I suggested that the progressive community should work with the Dems where doing so serves progressive ends.  I outlined a 3M strategy: Message, Machine, Middle-class.  I wanted to jot down a few thoughts about messaging, but before I do please allow me to explain

02 Nov 2010

Put Me in Coach, I’m Ready to Play

OK.  I’m off the sidelines.  This night is just too much to bear. First, I love the FDL community and I particularly love the political action that Jane et al are able to effect.  It’s a nice combination of passion, information, action, and (mostly) reasoned debate.  Having said that, we