29 Apr 2010

az company list you can boycott! (the companies, not the list)

a partial list of companies headquartered in arizona, w/contact info for use in boycott

20 Aug 2009

anatomy of a song

a brief examination of how a popular song evolved thru the years.

16 Jul 2009

huge weird monster in alaska, and no, it’s not sarah palin

a 15 mile long blog of unknown organic goo is swimming off the coast of alaska.

06 Jul 2009


sarah palin threatens bloggers. bloggers laugh.

23 Jun 2009

rip ed mcmahon

skippy, who once worked w/the famous second banana, muses about the man’s career.

05 Jun 2009

firedoglake is the 11th most influential blog in blogtopia (and yes, we coined that phrase!)

according to wikio, fdl comes in @ #11! (beating out kos!)

03 Jun 2009

msnbc = “(m)ust (s)how (n)othing (b)ut (c)heney”?

wherein we prove mathematically that dick cheney is irrelevant.

29 May 2009

the gop attacks sotomayor, and wonders why it’s a marginal party

the ad hoc attacks on sonia sotomayor only show how desparate and shallow the gop is.