08 Feb 2011

AOL’s Purchase of HuffPost Could Be a Stroke of Genius — or Another Horrible Blunder

By Acquiring the Wildly Successful Online News Portal for $315 Million, Can the Internet Company Once Known as America Online Overcome Its Reputation for Making Bad Business Decisions — From Its Failure to Adapt to the Rise of Broadband, to Its Disastrous Merger With Time Warner? HUFFINGTON POST’S REPUTATION (AND

25 Jan 2011

While Super-Rich Get Tax-Cut Extension, Middle Class Get Rude Surprise: A Tax Increase

Republicans Not Only Forced Obama and the Democrats to Extend Bush-Era Tax Cuts for the Super-Rich, They Also Blocked an Extension of Obama’s Little-Known 2009 ‘Making Work Pay’ Tax Credit for the Middle Class, Resulting in Smaller Paychecks Since the Start of the Year — and Continuing the Mutation of

18 Jan 2011

Remarks on Arizona Shootings Confirm Palin Is a Demagogue Unfit for the Presidency

Palin Used Highly Inflammatory Rhetoric — in Defiance of McCain’s Directive to Tone it Down — That Stirred Blatantly Racist Passions Against Obama During ’08 Campaign and Has Continued to Employ Incendiary Language in the Two Years Since; Now Former Alaska Governor Deeply Offends Jews by Employing Anti-Semitic Phrase in

11 Jan 2011

Sicko Westboro Hate Cult Says It Will Picket Funerals of Arizona Shooting Victims!

In Video Posted on GodHatesFags.com, Cult Leader Fred Phelps Denounces Giffords as ‘Avid Supporter of Sin and Baby-Killing’ and Blasts Palin as ‘Cowardly Brute’ for Taking Down Controversial Crosshairs Map From Her Web Site — Even Nine-Year-Old Girl Slain By Gunman Draws Westboro’s Wrath IS THERE NO LIMIT TO THIS

10 Jan 2011

Was Gunman in Deadly Arizona Shootings Influenced By White-Supremacist Extremist Group?

As Congresswoman Giffords Lies in Medically-Induced Coma, Homeland Security Memo Says Alleged Gunman Who Killed Six and Wounded 14 Outside Tucson Supermarket May Have Been Influenced By Newsletter Published By ‘White Nationalist’ Think Tank; Federal Judge Killed in Rampage Got Death Threats in 2009 Immigration Lawsuit A KILLER WITH A

28 Dec 2010

Presenting the Fourth Annual ‘Skeeter Bites Awards for the Most Outrageous People of 2010

In the Tradition of the Razzie Awards for the Worst Films of the Year, The ‘Skeeter Bites Report Presents its ‘Dishonors’ for the People Who Have Had the Most Outrageous Impact on Politics, Society and Culture in America — and the World — in the Year Now (Mercifully) Ending ALL

21 Dec 2010

Christians’ Worries About So-Called ‘War on Christmas’ Ignore Holiday’s Pagan Roots

New Survey Shows That While More Than 90 Percent of Americans Observe Christmas, Only 51 Percent Emphasize its Christian Religious Aspects — Not Surprising, Given That the Holiday the World Celebrates Each Year on the 25th of December Is Actually Thousands of Years Older Than Christianity Itself — and Is

18 Dec 2010

It’s Time to Put Bush Tax Cuts for Wealthy on Trial — In Court

America’s Shrinking Middle Class Cannot Afford to Bear the Full Burden of Taxation Any Longer and Our Children Cannot Afford to Bear the Cost of Dealing With the Nation’s Debt Any Longer, Either. If Congress and the President Won’t Force the Super-Rich to Pay Up, Then the Courts Must ENOUGH

07 Dec 2010

WikiLeaks Founder Turns Rogue, Resorts to ‘Internet Blackmail’ to Stave Off Arrest

A Week After WikiLeaks Alerts the World to North Koreans’ Sale of Missiles to Iran, the Whistleblowing Web Site’s Founder — Now an International Fugitive — Vows to Make Public Entire Cache of Top-Secret Files Completely Uncensored if He’s Arrested; Human-Rights Groups Fear Exposure By WikiLeaks Endangers Safety of Their

30 Nov 2010

Exposed: Iran and N. Korea Pose Greater Threat to World Peace Than Previously Thought

Diplomatic Cables Based on U.S. Intelligence Reports — Published by Whistleblower Web Site WikiLeaks — Reveal North Koreans Sold 19 Nuclear-Capable IRBM Missiles to Iran Capable of Striking Targets Throughout Europe and in Russia; Documents Show Arab States Called for Attack on Iran’s Nuke Facilities — China Admits It’s Fed