11 Feb 2012

The Plutocrats Versus the People?

Whenever I hear a professional politician in Washington talking as if he he really understands our lot in life I can only laugh at the disconnect. I mean how likely is it that a sitting U.S. senator, who’s probably at least a multi-millionaire or a congressman, who’s time is consumed with

07 Feb 2012

Does the G.O.P. Need to Doctor Up Mitt Romney??

Now here’s a compelling question. Does the G.O.P. and the conservative elite need to doctor up Mitt Romney so as to make him seem conservative enough to be electable? It’s no secret that large numbers of conservatives don’t see Romney as a fellow traveler and that poses two great risks to

06 Feb 2012

Census Findings Reveal Bad News For Those Rooting Against America?

I always find it galling when I see some who, in their pursuit of maligning and belittling Barck Obama, actually come across as rooting against America. A great example of that is the practice of always trying to undermine good employment news by focusing on the numbers of people who have

06 Feb 2012

Will Republicans End Higher Deficits, Not Likely??

We’ve heard the refrain time and time and time again, our deficits have to come down, we can no longer sustain this sort of spending or this scope of government. We’ll to those who seem to think that somehow replacing the Obama administration with a Republican one will somehow, as

28 Jan 2012

The Alinsky Obsession

Have you ever wondered why the right is so obsessed with Saul Alinsky and why they always try to tie Barack Obama to him? Well for one thing perhaps they have finally come to the realization that Reverend Wright’s use to them has faded but they seem to have an

26 Jan 2012

Keystone, China and Access to Canadian Oil

As a follow on to “Why Can’t Conservatives Be Honest About Keystone?” and as a result of an e-mail exchange I had with a conservative friend I thought it best to bring up a sidebar story related to the Keystone pipeline decision. A corollary issue that conservatives have tried to raise is that

24 Jan 2012

Why Can’t Conservatives Be Honest About Keystone?

It has been quite amusing to read over some comments posted recently that tried to portray Barack Obama as being opposed to building the Keystone Pipeline when the reality is that the president isn’t opposed to the project at all, he’s just opposed to being railroaded into a hasty decision

20 Jan 2012

The Tea Party’s Empty Dance Card

Well there you have it, another onetime Tea Party favorite has dropped out of the 2012 race to be America’s president thereby shrinking the field of “viable” candidates that a Tea Party true believer could vote for this coming November. In fact one should even ask the question of whether

17 Jan 2012

The Unintended Consequences of Citizens United?

Quoting Arianna Huffington:”Though the country is sorely in need of solutions, and the public hungry for real debate, that’s not what was served up in Iowa [or in New Hampshire] — either by the candidates or the vast pack of media covering their every word. What we got instead was a deluge

10 Jan 2012

For the Radical Right, a Defeat in New Hampshire

Tonight’s outcome in New Hampshire represents a significant setback for the fortunes of the Tea Party movement along with the rest of the radical right as Republican moderates have captured the bulk of the votes cast in the contest. When you combine Romney’s take with that of Gingrich and Huntsman what you see is that collectively Republican moderates received