22 Apr 2012

Mr. Fiscal Responsibility

Remember how Newt Gingrich so reverently and so often spoke about the need to be a good steward of the public’s money? Odd but the principle of fiscal sanity doesn’t seem to apply to Mr. Gingrich himself. Of late it’s come to the fore that Newt Gingrich is costing the American

01 Apr 2012

Tea Party Turncoats

What happened to the steadfastness of Tea Party backed Republican Senators? We are all too familiar with how Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) ditched that state’s Tea Party shortly after getting elected in 2010 and since then has been pretty reliably one of the few moderate Republicans left in the Senate. This morning

23 Mar 2012

Have Libertarians Forgotten the Republican Primaries?

Back in September of 2010 I detailed in an article “Where Have all the Libertarian’s Gone?” how for all of the attention paid to Libertarian ideas there was little in the way of Libertarian electoral success to show for it. To wit: “In the din and roar surrounding politics in America today

21 Mar 2012

An Ominous Comment For Conservatives?

Back in February I penned a short article addressing whether or not the Republican Party needed to doctor up Mitt Romney’s image so as to make him palatable to the Party’s conservatives. I framed the piece this way: “Does the G.O.P. and the conservative elite need to doctor up Mitt Romney

18 Mar 2012

A Continuing Problem With Hate Groups

Back in early 2010 I wrote about the reemergence of extremist right wing hate groups and militias in three posts that appear below. Now two years on the problem continues unabated as detailed in the following: Number of US Hate Groups Is Rising, Report Says: “Fed by antagonism toward President

18 Mar 2012

Senator McCain Condems Citizens United

Arizona Senator John McCain appearing on this morning’s “Meet the Press” told commentator David Gregory that the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision was one of the worst decisions that the high court has ever rendered labeling it naive and ill conceived. McCain pointed out, as an example, how one individual, in this

06 Mar 2012

Did the Republicans Already Lose Michigan and Ohio??

If the Michigan primary revealed anything it’s not just how precarious Mitt Romney’s fortunes are in his own home state, it’s how precarious the Republican Party’s fortunes may be in both Michigan and Ohio. In Michigan “the most striking fact from the exit polls there was the fact that four

06 Mar 2012

Veteran’s Group Wants Rush Banned

One of America’s up and coming veteran’s organizations, VoteVets.org, headed up by Iraq War veteran Jon Stoltz, at the urging of female veterans, has requested that the potty mouthed Rush Limbaugh be kicked off of the Armed Forces network for his misogynistic views of women and birth control. Like so many of the advertisers whom

01 Mar 2012

The Keystone Pipeline Redux

I recently penned two articles about the Keystone Pipeline controversy which were met with fair degree of skepticism from my good friends on the far right. Of course all of the dire pronouncements about Obama abandoning the project, Canadian oil going to China and the net effect on our own economy

26 Feb 2012

The Bittersweet Taste of Exploitation: The Aftermath

Last summer I penned two articles, referenced below, related to the controversy surrounding the abuse of foreign student workers at a Hershey’s packing plant in Pennsylvania. Both posts were met with the expected knee jerk reactions from my friends on the far right, who tried, through convoluted logic, deflection and a reinterpretation of the