27 Sep 2006

Yesterday’s Warnings, Today’s Terrorists

(Sheldon prepared this piece in conjunction with his coauthor,  John Stauber.  The video for their most recent book, "The Best War Ever," is above.  Please welcome them both back to FDL. — Pach)  The Bush administration may be squirming over the now-public conclusions of a recently-leaked National Intelligence Estimate. What

15 Sep 2006

Big Brother Comes to America

by Sheldon Rampton There is something deeply scary about the Bush administration’s efforts to pass the Cheney/Specter bill, which if approved would give the White House unprecedented powers to wiretap and spy on U.S. citizens, without the need to obtain a search warrant. In addition to the threat that this

06 Sep 2006

Breathless Audacity: How the White House Betrayed the Real Heroes of 9/11

  (AP Photo/US Navy, Jim Watson)  by Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber The largest study yet of lung problems among 9/11 rescue workers shows bad news. "Nearly 70 percent of the rescue and cleanup workers who toiled in the dust and fumes at ground zero have had trouble breathing, and

04 Sep 2006

Hijacking 9/11

The ABC television network is using the fifth anniversary of 9/11 as an opportunity to rewrite history. On September 10 and 11, ABC/Disney will broadcast "The Path to 9/11", a 6-hour, two-part "docudrama" written and produced by conservative filmmakers who place a lion’s share of the blame for the 9/11