14 May 2011

Ed Shutlz has found Obama’s cod piece and it aint pretty

Reveling in the death of BinLaden is MSNBC’s Ed Schultz. He called out a group of Country and Western musicians for not being patriotic enough, and he wants some ditties to mark the occasion.  Yesterday. RT followed by awarding him with the Tool Time Award for Obnoxious TV Hosts. Republicans and musicians are

24 Nov 2010

We’re All “Domestic Extremists” Now

Douglas J. Hagmann at The Northeast Intelligence Network was contacted by an anonymous source within the DHS who was bothered by the content of an internal memo issued by DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano. Apparently the document “is restricted by virtue of its classification, which prohibits any manner of public release.”

21 Nov 2010

Don’t like Chertoff’s Porno Scans or Punitive Groping? Buy Chertoff’s new Verified Bio ID for $179 and skip the lines!

Chertoff is going to make a killing from more than one new security measure being put in place at American airports.

Not only did he make money as a lobbyist in order to obtain stimulus money to be spent on possibly unsafe xray porno scans, he is also going to reap profits from a biometric verified ID system that will whisk you past long lines and undignified checks reserved for the unwashed peasants

30 Sep 2010

Forces in Ecuador Are Attempting to Provoke Coup D’etat against President Correa

Hundreds of police took over military barracks, rebelling, but military and people back Correa

16 Sep 2010

Israeli Deputy FM Danny Ayalon Announces Cause of Israel’s Rroblems; Jpost Selectively Edits His Comments

Danny Ayalon Deputy Foreign Minister wakes up to the brave new world in his head.

04 Aug 2010

Intervention and Defamation

The disease of fear and bigotry is contagious. We don’t need to give oxygen to prejudice, especially when America is composed of so many different ethnicities. We not only need to get along, we need to understand each other.

25 Jun 2010

87 Senators Indicted for Running Congressional Prostitution Ring

WASHINGION| APF Eighty-seven of the US Senate’s 100 members have nakedly prostrated themselves before the alter of AIPAC and the god of security, declaring for Israel’s right to disproportionate response in the face of threatening charges for crimes against humanity, the Senate said Wednesday.
The lawmakers wrote in a letter to President Barack Obama that they fully support Israels “might makes right” clause.

01 Jun 2010

Helen Thomas rips into Robert Gibbs over US response to flotilla massacre

At Tuesday’s White House press briefing, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs called on Helen Thomas, who in a very animated fashion, confronted him for refusing to assign responsibility in the raid, which left nine people dead.

30 Apr 2010

Another Reason to End DADT: Choreography

Talented troops in Afghanistan re-do Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” video.