01 Oct 2008

Reconciling Methodists State Support for Inclusive ENDA in their Voting Guide

The Reconciling Ministries Network, a grass roots organization within the United Methodist Church that advocates inclusion of all peoples regardless of race, sexual orientation, or gender identity today released their Voting Guide for this election year.  The Voting Guide states the organization’s position on social justice issue and lists the

12 May 2008

LGBT Apartheid comes to Idaho

Ok, admittedly Idaho has produced some nuts in its time including straight man Larry Craig(note I said “straight man” rather than “straight guy” because that whole debacle has been more about funny set up lines than a debate of straight vs gay), but this one definitely ranks up there. Walt

02 May 2008

What Didn’t and Did Happen at the Methodist Conference in Ft. Worth

I posted here a few weeks ago why the LGBT community should pay attention to the United Methodist Church(UMC) General Conference(GC) with the main point being that changes to this religious community’s stance on LGBT rights has far reaching implications both socially and politically in our country.  Now today I

25 Apr 2008

Hutch Misses the Snap

It was partly cloudy with grey clouds wrapping the summit of Mt. Si and sending tendrils of fog down the snow capped sides. A chill mountain wind near freezing greeted the early gatherers numbering between 80 and 100 as they unpacked supportive, positive messages on posterboard and unrolled rainbow flags

23 Apr 2008

Canary in a Coalmine

In analyzing the legislation submitted to the United Methodist Church(hereafter UMC) General Conference (hereafter GC) the natural concern from a LGBT inclusive viewpoint is are things going to get worse from an LBG perspective.  Not likely, as most of the damage has already been done to the Book of Discipline

08 Apr 2008

Why you should pay attention to what is going on in Ft. Worth at the end of April

First I guess I have to start with some background. What is happening in Ft. Worth on April 23rd to May 2nd? It is called the General Conference of the United Methodist Church. Why this is important to the LGBT community is some of the most interesting part. Historically Methodists