25 Aug 2010

Time Off To Heal

TRIGGER WARNING!!! I won't be posting diaries for awhile folks. I had an incident last night while I was out getting Fran some smoke and I need some healing time. A little teenage punk ran past me last night, screamed “Fat fucking dyke!!!”, slashed at my boobs then ran off

20 Aug 2010

Feeling a Little Hopeful At Last

Crossposted on Musings From Hedon Before I begin, please read these older blogs I wrote in January for some background on my ongoing legal drama. Consider Me RemindedGiving Up Is Sometimes Survival Now, after I had written both of those, I found out at my preliminary hearing I was in

13 Aug 2010

Tranny, Nigger, Faggot and Other Things Bigots Say

Crossposted On Musings From Hedon So apparently, to the surprise of absolutely no one who's been paying attention for the last 20 years, Doctor Laura Schlessinger is a flaming racist. She has of course, issued a half-assed non-apology since then for saying “Nigger nigger nigger” on her radio show, claiming

12 Aug 2010

Bigotry Is Bigotry, No Matter The Source Or The Target

Crossposted on Musings From Hedon This is hard for me to write, seeing as the motivation for doing so is the loss of a friendship. I am a terminally honest person and I refuse to lie for any reason, even to spare someone's feelings. Unfortunately, when the truth hurts, you

06 Aug 2010

A Scary Idea

Crossposted on Musings From Hedon Listening to the Right Wing Hordes of Evil whine so much this week about the activist judge stealing Californians right to vote has me thinking. And watching Maggie Gallagher publicly contradict herself on the subject made it very clear. I know how we can expose

06 Aug 2010

Teen Leaves Her Church After Being Called a “Bad Role Model”

Crossposted on Musings From Hedon I stopped by McDonald's last night to get a cold drink while walking our dog and read the paper. The cover story so struck me that I felt it needed to be shared here. For the record, only quotes are copied from the article, the

04 Aug 2010

Louis Marinelli Caught Lying Again (In Other News, Ducks Quack)

Crossposted on Musings From Hedon (BTW, YAY Judge Vaughn! Bye Bye Prop 8!) So Louis has been aggressively censoring new comments on his blog. Mostly from me, the most hateful lesbian he's met. No shock there. He let a few of my comments through one day presumably thinking that doing

27 Jul 2010

The Predictable Tactics of Beaten Cowards

Crossposted on Musings From Heon No one with any modicum of intelligence and common sense believes the lies and distortions spread by the National Organization For Marriage and other allegedly civilized anti-equality groups like it. That's pretty much a given. I don't even need to point out all the abundance

20 Jul 2010

NOM Strategist Louis J. Marinelli Declares Me Most Hateful Lesbian

Crossposted on Musings From Hedon To clarify, since I can only type so much in the title, he declared me, on his public blog, “One of the most hateful members of the homosexual community I've ever come across“. Ew… bad mental picture…. ew ew ew…. Anyway, for those amonst you

03 Jul 2010

Even a Highly Respected Monster In His Field Is STILL A Monster

Female Genital Mutilation is a SERIOUS problem worldwide. Sadly, worldwide includes North America. In particular it's recently become public knowledge that Doctor Dix Poppas of Cornell Medical University in New York has for several years been performing needless cosmetically motivated clitoral reduction surgeries on girls aged 4-7 brought to him