05 Dec 2010

Something to Make You All Laugh (Just Don’t Choke On Your Drinks)

Crossposted on Musings From Hedon From my private messages on FetLife.com, wherein an anti-gay windbag, concerned for my well-being, (you know, that whopper lie these types tell themselves to NOT feel like hateful bigots) decided to try to save me directly rather than keep getting his ass handed to him

26 Nov 2010

My Letter to my Member Of Parliament About Bill C-389

Crossposted on Musings From Hedon (I have just sent this to my district's Member of Parliament, Sukh Dhaliwal. I encourage all my fellow Canadians to do the same with their local MP's. As Mercedes said, you can find the contact info for your local MP by typing in your Postal

11 Nov 2010

9 Answers For Muslim-Hating “Christians”

Crossposted on Musings From Hedon Brace yourself in advance folks, as I'm about to go into full-on rant mode here, and it WILL get ugly, with trigger potential. Every day I putter around the net, reading everything I can find about subjects that interest me. Last week in my random

01 Nov 2010

An Open Question To The Extreme Right

Crossposted on Musings From Hedon Morally bankrupt monsters like Matt Barber, Brian Fischer Maggie Gallagher, Tony Perkins and Peter LaBarbera, to name even just a handful of these deplorable people, have spent the past month at the absolute height of their reprehensible dishonest tactics. They and those like them, the

28 Oct 2010

Attenion Blenders; I want your advice.

Any of you who've read my diaries who know about my recently dismissed criminal case with Canada Safeway. Short version; They falsely charged me with shoplifting and confiscated around $80 worth of food I had paid for and had a valid receipt for to cover for loud and public transphobic

22 Oct 2010

Every So Often, the System DOES Work! (A VERY Happy Update on my Legal Case)

Crossposted on Musings From Hedon I was just woken up by an unexpected phone call. Normally, this would be extremely irritating as you can imagine. I barely get much sleep, so being woken up when I actually was passed out is a pet peeve. This however, was a wake-up I

20 Oct 2010

I Am Purple Every Day

Crossposted on Musings From Hedon It's no secret to those that know me that I'm a tad obsessed with purple. I own a lot of purple clothing, a fair chunk of my digital art is purple, and I've had my hair dyed purple more than once. What very few people

06 Oct 2010

Women Like Me

Crossposted on Musings From Hedon Women like me are called “it” on the radio, on television, in the news, and by politician wanting to undermine our rights. Just ask Sally Kern's supporters. We are murdered at a staggering rate. 1 in 8 will be murdered, according to a Harvey Milk

03 Oct 2010

When A Stupid Choice Outweighs A Deplorable Crime

Crossposted on Musings From Hedon I'm very sad and angry about the recent spate of gay teen suicides. Two 13 year old boys and one 15 year old boy in the past two weeks have killed themselves because of relentless homophobic bullying. These poor young boys were abused to ridiculous

29 Sep 2010

Katy Perry Wears Eye-Rapingly Ugly Dress for Elmo, Christian Wingnuts Whine

Crossposted on Musings From Hedon I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! You'll all be happy to know my breasts are mostly healed, though the scars will require some time to fade. Anyway, onto the ranting. So Sesame Street decided not to air a skit on television wherein marginally bearable pop tart Katy Perry sings