26 Nov 2009

Your thoughts on Michelle Obama?

Is Michelle Obama a symbol of oppressed womanhood? Or is her marriage more a deliberate embodiment of a symbolic health family produced for a much needed culture?

13 Nov 2009

RNC Plan via Cigna Covers Elective Abortion

This one speaks for itself. From the Huffington Post we have Republican officials assuring that they and their daughters have reproductive freedom and health care options they would deny everyone else.

11 Nov 2009

PhrMA 137 billion, US 80 billion – PhrMA wins

Who is health care “reform” really about?

10 Nov 2009

Women and the GOP vs. Women and the Democrats: Let’s Clear the Air

There are some broad truths about women, womens’ issues in politics, and the differences (sometimes stark) between the two parties. However, there is a dogmatic illusion at work in this issue as well. Let’s talk about that.

08 Nov 2009

Health care “reform” as pure election PR.

The “victory” of health care “reform” is really a victory for a parasitic political class and our plutocracy. Yet another component of the underpinning foundation of the “change” agenda has been exposed as hollow farce, and “change” continues to collapse.

Based on my thread comment here: http://seminal.shadowproof.wpengine.com/diary/13741