26 Apr 2010

42,000 Gallons and Now 600 Square Miles

The spill worsens … the politicians, still silent.

25 Apr 2010

42,000 Gallons A Day

The Deepwater Horizon disaster is a timely reminder of the perils of relying on environmentally unsound energy.

15 Apr 2010

Republican Armed Services Committee Member Thinks Soviet Union Still Exists

No, this isn’t from “The Onion”. It’s real. Todd Arkin has embarrassed himself and all of Missouri by claiming that an Obama policy leaves us at the mercy of “the Soviet Union”.

11 Apr 2010

Lieberman Threatens to Block Nuclear Arms Treaty

It’s not clear who or what Joseph Lieberman serves, in blocking a nuclear arms reduction treaty.

08 Apr 2010

Cage Match: Gore Against Obama!

At least St. Al is sticking to his guns … unlike certain figures who shall remain nameless but whose names contain the letters like “B” and “O”.

01 Apr 2010

Fourth of July Cancelled in Seattle!

This is a teachable moment wherein we can learn the perils of relying on corporate sponsors for everything.

31 Mar 2010

Obama Gives the Oil Companies Whatever They Want

Just as was the case with “health care reform”, Obama is nakedly pandering to the extractive industries, as well.

22 Mar 2010

Reply to Egnor/Rosenbaum’s “Diary” Writing on the Health Care Atrocity

The party and its operators got their atrocious policy. But what they can’t have is our agreement that there is some sort of “victory” at hand.

17 Mar 2010

The Nation Magazine Endorses Health Care Legislation

The publication can never be viewed again as anything besides a Party publication.

24 Feb 2010

Beauty queens’ political thoughts (why do you guys bother?)

Just because the right side of Huffington Post’s web page broadcasts the pecadillos of vacuous celebrities does not mean they constitute subject mater