02 May 2010

Horizon Spill Continues, Rome Burns, Nero Gets Out His Stradivarius

Mass media, industry, and Washington, DC have begun their inevitable hysteria and gamesmanship as the Horizon slick steadily grows and threatens more and more of the Gulf coast.

30 Apr 2010

Teachers With Foreign Accents Banned in Arizona Schools

In a simply unconscionable act of pure institutionalized racism and xenophobia, Arizona is attempting to purge its school system of foreign teachers and curricula that emphasize ethnic diversity.

30 Apr 2010

Horizon Oil Slick Makes Shorefall; Disaster Writ Large Across Gulf Coast

The world appears to have finally woken up to the vast and steadily growing disaster that is the Deepwater Horizon spill. We are seeing the start of a slow-motion replay of the Exxon Valdez disaster.

29 Apr 2010

Initial Responses of Environmental Organizations to the Horizon Disaster

Initial responses from some major environmental organizations one might expect to be very strong have been very tepid indeed. Let’s monitor these various organizations over time and see if they earn their donations and membership fees.

29 Apr 2010

Another Mine Has Collapsed

Following on the footsteps of the Massey collapse, a mine in Kentucky has collapsed as well. Authorities fear fatalities.

29 Apr 2010

Third Horizon Leak Discovered: Spill Rate Grows To 210,000 Gallons A Day

A third Horizon leak has been discovered. Officials place the new spill rate at about five times the previously reported rate, or, conservatively, 200,000 gallons of crude oil per day.

28 Apr 2010

Horizon Oil Slick Continues to Expand, Disingenuous Politicians Demand “Investigation”

As oil continues to spew into the Gulf from the leaking well left behind the wreck of the Deepwater Horizon, the pro-drilling Obama administration demands an “investigation” that drilling supporter Mary Landrieu attempts to use for political cover.

27 Apr 2010

42,000 Gallons and Now Greater Than 2000 Square Miles

The most symbolic, appropriately timed oil spill disaster ever is being ignored by the political class as an insufficient Federal and industry response continues to fail to stop the spill.

27 Apr 2010

War on Abortion Rights Continues

Oklahoma, against the will of the Democrat governor, declares women to be subjugated baby factories …

26 Apr 2010

42,000 Gallons and Now 1800 Square Miles of Ocean

As the oil spill continues unabated from the collapsed riser pipe left behind the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon, the politicians begin their inevitable tepid response. Mary Landrieu scuttles for cover …