22 Dec 2010

The WikiLeaks Cables: The Portrait of an Empire

Not really the image that America would like to project at this moment There are Wikileaks cables from almost every imaginable part of the world, but since I live in Spain, I’ll fill you in on some of the dump’s specific effects on Spanish political life.

20 Dec 2010

WikiLeaks: Comparing Conspiracy Theories

Image by Christian Ségal It isn’t as if conspiracies don’t exist, but generally stupidity or incompetence explain most disasters and even real conspiracies don’t tend to be as elaborate as their legion of fans would like to believe. But if we define a “conspiracy” as when two or more people

17 Dec 2010

The Travails of Pfc Bradley Manning

We are living is rather surreal times, so it is normal that a conversation like this one about Pfc Manning can have a dream-like quality of disassociation at times. I think I first realized how totally wacky our world had become, when after 9-11 Dubya said that America’s reaction to

16 Dec 2010

Is “Freedom” Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose?

There is a world, a universe, of pain in the following quote from the Financial Times: If you want something to get angry about, I wouldn’t look at tuition fees. I’d look at a little graph produced by Leon Feinstein of the Institute for Education, which shows tests of cognitive

15 Dec 2010

Holbrooke and Assange: the End of Empire and the Dying Roman

America’s most famous über-diplomat went out like an old Roman: his last words, lucid and noble, are worthy of the best moments that American history has to offer.

14 Dec 2010

A Fairy Tale as Grim as Grimm Could Ever Be (A Fable for Disgruntled Democrats)

Once upon a time in a far off and pleasant land, during the reign of King George the Idiot, there lived a
young man who dreamed of fame and greatness.