05 Feb 2013

On Meeting Bill McKibben

I attended a lecture last evening  by Bill McKibben of 350.org  at Rutgers U. in New Brunswick, NJ. The place it was held ( The campus Student Center) was packed to capacity ( 500 people.)  Bill was a bit taller and thinner then I expected and he looked tired. He’s

29 Jan 2013

Hurricane Sandy – Now Comes the Back Wash!

THE GOV. SIGNS ON     Nobody expected this, so when it happened  very few people really understood it’s possibly wide ranging implications.  Another , maybe even bigger disaster then Hurricane Sandy is now taking shape along the coast in NJ and possibly other Coastal states as well and the

27 Oct 2012

LIVE BLOGGING Super Storm Sandy !!

Living in Coastal So. Jersey is starting to become a bit of a marathon as the climate change picks up.  In the last year we experienced a “new” weather phenomenon called a DERECHO ( an intense direct line heat driven wind storm) in late June that tore up the area like a

27 Aug 2011

Live Blogging Irene @ The Jersey Shore

Hi everyone,  we’ve decided to defy the mandatory evacuation order issued by  NJ Guv “Fatso” ( Chris Christie). yesterday for our Island  ( Absecon Island /Atlantic City.)  Personally, we  think this storm has been way over hyped by the MSM and the authorities, all of them.  The Weather Channel  or as  I

20 Aug 2010

The Sweet Taste of Work!

My oldest got a JOB today and I want to share how I feel about this event with the rest of you!!

05 Mar 2010

We Need a Three Million Person March on DC for Single Payer Now!

If we want real Health care reform and not this Corp. sell out the Congress and the Dems. are preparing to shove down our throats we need to get a Three Million person march and occupation of downtown DC organized and organized NOW.

26 Feb 2010


We’ve been watching as the right steals our thunder with its’s faux astro turfed movement, the so called, “Tea Bag movement” of the last year, now it’s OUR turn! Join the newly forming Progressive activist group “THE COFFEE CUP COALITION.” Our motto is “Wake Up & Smell the Coffee!” Were mad as hell and were not going to take anymore shit from either of the Corporatist Parties / Pirates running America into the ground today! Were about everything Progressives care about! We want it all and were tired of begging corrupt pols to give it to us! We want all Progressives to come together to support candidates that support our principles and not their Corp. pals and donors. Vote for nobody on the Corp. payroll is our battle cry. Support no party that doesn’t support us!