05 Jun 2014

The dirty little secret of every American citizen

We know we don’t live in a free democratic state.  We know Democracy is dead.  It’s the dirty little secret of every American who has lived for at least the past two generations.We are not a nation of We The People.  Yet we keep pretending like we don’t know it. 

07 Mar 2013

Progressives could learn a thing or two from Richard Sherman

on how to attack the media and call them on their BS.   Richard Sherman, the oft outspoken All Pro Cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks, who became nationally recognized for taunting Tom Brady with the now infamous “you mad bro?” incident, took on Skip Bayless of ESPN today and ripped

01 Oct 2012

Time to crack down on the feds for cracking down on us.

It’s time we the people took the War on Drugs to the very entity that claims it is fighting it: our federal government.  It’s time we cracked down on the feds for cracking down on us.  But first, if I could ask Obama and Romney one question, I’d ask them

03 Nov 2010

A Letter to Obama

Scrowder calls bullshit on Obama’s latest remarks.

02 Nov 2010

The REAL Victory Tonight: Blue Dogs Take a Beating

Blue Dogs who aided Republican obstructionism lose big time tonight.

02 Nov 2010

The Daily Kos is already spinning this against the left

Daily Kos is an anti-populist website set up by a CIA agent to suppress the Progressive Movement.

26 Oct 2010

You Do Realize We Have No Democracy…Don’t You?

Election theft caught in publicly available database.

12 Aug 2010

Obama is Toast: We Need a Progressive Primary Challenger Pt. 3

Who should we draft as a progressive candidate to challenge Obama and keep the Republicans out of the WH?

22 Jun 2010

This would have never happened to Dick Cheney

A judge with ties to Big Oil overrules Obama’s Executive Decision.

09 Jun 2010

Has BP been lying about its profits?

The oil gushing into the Gulf would seem to indicate they make a lot more money than they claim they do.