28 Mar 2012

NOM and the Death of Marcellus Andrews

Before the National Organization for Marriage set off on its 2011, Summer of Anti-Gay Hatred all over Iowa, it sponsored an anti-gay hate rally in the Bronx in May where a NOM-approved speaker told a mob of gay-bashers that homosexuals are “worthy to death.” All summer long, NOM fanned the

27 Mar 2012

Princeton Still Enabling NOM’s Anti-Gay Lies, Hate, And Terror

Princeton University Professor Robert George — founder and Chairman Emeritus of the so-called “National Organization for Marriage” (NOM) — is in my opinion a malevolent, psychopathic political gay-basher incapable of feeling empathy for his victims. The harm he has inflicted on innocent gay human beings is vast and incalculable. He commands

21 Feb 2012

NC: Cowardly Paul Coble, Wake County Bigot

Paul Coble — the notoriously anti-gay Jesse Helms‘s nephew —  Chair of the Wake County, NC County Board of Commissioners introduced and got passed a measure supporting the May 8 gay-bashing bigot ballot. The vote was 4 – 3 with Republican bigots voting for, and Democratic human beings voting against.

04 Jan 2012

Glenn T. Stanton Is Endangering North Carolina’s Children

Glenn T. Stanton is an absolutely shameless huckster, very active, on a national level, to get the proposed North Carolina anti-gay marriage amendment passed. Stanton’s title with his head organization, Focus on the Family, currently is “director for Family Formation Studies.” The way Stanton works his tortured shtick, he fans

03 Jan 2012

Tami Fitzgerald Of N.C. Values Coalition Could Be Endangering Children

Tami Fitzgerald (tfitzgerald@ncvalues.org) is Executive Director of the so-called North Carolina Values Coalition. The NCVC was founded in 2011 to politic in favor of the proposed anti-gay marriage amendment to the state constitution. Though NCVC alleges it is “taking the initiative to preserve and promote families,” the welfare and psychological

02 Jan 2012

To Protect North Carolina’s Children, Vote Against The Marriage Amendment

The Southern Baptist Convention has a dirty little secret — and wants their very aggressive public war against gay North Carolinians to distract you from it. It is known that there is a history of SBC child rapes.  . . but the public does not know nearly the full extent

31 Dec 2011

Open Letter to the Publisher of the Charlotte Observer on facilitating civil debate on amendment

This letter by contributor Scott Rose is in response to the profile in the Charlotte Observer of Rev. Mark Harris, senior minister at uptown Charlotte’s First Baptist Church and head of the NC Baptist Convention, who claimed he would like a civil public debate about the constitutional amendment ballot initiative on May 8

19 Dec 2011

The Greedy Gay-Bashing Bullies Of The Thomas More Law Center

In October of 2010, many public schools observed the first Spirit Day, which honors gay students lost to bullycide, and aims — through various means — to educate to reduce future LGBT bullycides. In response to that first Spirit Day, many vicious anti-gay bullies lashed out in hatred. Midland, Arkansas

16 Dec 2011

Christian Pastor’s Stinging Rebuke to the Anti-Gay “Concerned Women for America”

The so-called Concerned Women for America recently released a video with the fatuous gasbag Janice Crouse delivering a veritable greatest hits parade of fraudulent assertions demonizing gay human beings. Given that the alleged topic of the video is “The Challenges Facing Marriage in the 21st Century,” a viewer could wonder

29 Nov 2011

African-American Pastor Rebukes NOM’s Anti-Gay Bigotry

On November 14, Jennifer Roback Morse of the so-called National Organization for Marriage’s Ruth Institute — (an anti-gay hate speech propaganda factory) — took malicious aim at a Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services publicity campaign to promote awareness among gay people that they may foster and/or adopt children in need