18 Dec 2006

Avoiding the Obvious Question

  (Photo of taps being played at Arlington by AP Photo/Kevin Wolf.) The day that the Iraq Study Group released its much anticipated report detailing the "grave and deteriorating" conditions in Iraq and recommending the President change his course, the official barometer of public moods, NBC's Tim Russert, passionately sounded

17 Dec 2006

Who’s Driving the Bus?

ABC News obtained a copy of a simple slide presentation created by a US Captain serving in Anbar Province. ABC explains that Captain Travis Patriquin "had fought in Afghanistan and Iraq. A gifted officer, he spoke numerous languages, including Arabic." In his stick-figure presentation, featuring "Joe" the American soldier and

15 Dec 2006

Iraq Options: A Modest Proposal

  While Iraqis in Army uniforms practice another mass kidnapping, and our President takes a break to consider his Iraq options and dwindling support (sorry for the coffee ad), I'd like to offer what Swift might call a modest proposal. What the Iraqi people need is a common enemy. Common

14 Dec 2006

That Other, “Good” War

Afghanistan is becoming Iraq. If trends continue, eventually the American public may come to view it in much the same way they now view Iraq: an ill-advised, poorly planned blunder, borne of American hubris and the delusion that overthrowing governments, even illegitimate ones, is a justifiable exericise of American military

13 Dec 2006

Leahy Promises Oversight of FBI, Justice

  Senator Patrick Leahy gave a speech at Georgetown University today and announced that the Democratic Congress would provide tougher oversight of the Adminsitration's tactics in waging its "war on terror." The AP story is up on the MSNBC website, here. Part of the oversight he mentioned will focus on

13 Dec 2006

Iraq Morning News

  (U.S. President George W. Bush (R) meets Iraq's Vice-President Tareq al-Hashemi in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, December 12, 2006. REUTERS/Jim Young) Why are these men smiling? The Bush Administration's review of its Iraq policies is going so well that they've decided to keep doing

11 Dec 2006

Are Penguins Liberals?

The animated movie Happy Feet soared to the top of the box office receipts the first week it was released, with parents only too happy to take their kids to an animated movie that features penguins. As we all know, penguins are everyone's favorite formally dressed bird, and possibly the

06 Dec 2006

Will the Iraq Study Group Answer Our Questions?

Today at 11:00 a.m., the Iraq Study Group is scheduled to release its much anticipated report with recommendations about what to do about Iraq. The Washington Post today describes the lastest semi-official leaks that the report will call for the US to "threaten to reduce military and economic support" to

05 Dec 2006

Who’s Watching the Watchers?

Good morning from Boston! Who says we don't have a sense of humor in these parts? The Boston media were still pondering Governor Mitt Romney's decision to allow the State Police to arrest illegal immigrants they find during the course of their duties. But as many of you noted here,

04 Dec 2006

The President’s Report Card

The country has suffered through six years of the Bush Administration, and the signs of the devastation this regime has wrought on America and the world provide the lead news stories on a daily basis. But at least until mid 2005, the traditional media too often dutifully reported whatever nonsense