31 Jan 2011

Oil and Ethanol Fueling Middle East Revolutions?

This Sunday morning, National Public Radio (NPR) broadcast a story about how the ongoing unrest in Egypt – and other countries in the Middle East – is being driven non just by chronic corruption and mismanagement, but also by rising food prices. What’s causing food prices to rise? There are multiple factors, of course, but probably the two most important ones, according to NPR, are higher oil prices and increased use of corn for ethanol. These factors have an enormous impact on political stability in places like Egypt.

20 Dec 2010

Anti-American Interest Crowd Endangers U.S. Economy, National Security

Cross posted from Scaling Green. Please follow us on Twitter here. Last Wednesday’s New York Times had a troublingly familiar article, yet another example of how China, and not the United States, “increasingly dominates the manufacture of clean energy technologies…including the production of million-dollar wind turbines.” Even worse, according to