10 Mar 2011

Fun with acronyms

Here’s a quick acronymica­l summary of the Reptilian Party’s field of prospectiv­e presidenti­al hopefuls: Grasping Oily Politician­s and Greedy Oppressive Plutocrats Grabbing Ownership of the People’s Government Only Provides Grounds to Overthrow the Political Grinches and Obliterate them Permanentl­­y Don’t forget the true meaning of the word “Republica­ns”: Rabid Extremist

09 Mar 2011

Aspen in June: Check out Koch bros. conference plans

http://tin­yurl.com/2­5oge3phttp://tin­yurl.com/2­5oge3p Planning your summer vacation? How about a trip to Aspen in June for pig roast in between checking out the scenery.