01 Jan 2013

The World After Democracy

Okay, so let’s start out the new year with a little perspective.  The estimable Michael Hudson has a great article up on Counterpunch called “The Financial War Against the Economy at Large”.  Unfortunately, he left it too late to be included in a lot of people’s ‘Best of 2012’ lists. 

11 Nov 2012

Republican Big Thinkers still need to get their heads out

I’ve just spend an hour or so looking at stuff from National Review and Weekly Standard sites (I still have Human Events, Powerline, RedState, Instapundit and others to go).  I started where I did because I  was looking for some idea what the ‘big thinkers’ of Republicanism were coming up

28 Oct 2012

The Rage of Always Playing Defense

These thoughts have crystallized out of various discussions and comment threads I have participated in over the past weeks.  They’re a little rough – sorry! Point #1 – the Democrats are playing defense in this election.  Forget hope and change; the Donkeys are the party of the status quo.  It

26 Nov 2011

The Dems and Reps are not divided. And we’re learning not to be.

I was going to write about what I’m thankful for this season; I was focusing on the Occupy movement and how it has generated some appeal to people who call themselves conservatives.  Both sides share concerns around the issues of wealth inequality and, to some extent, militarized and brutal policing. 

18 Oct 2011

Occupy Seattle: Random Shots

Most of these are from Seattle’s 3000-5000 person march last Saturday.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, this is my biggest post so far… Some signs showed a lot of work… What do you value?   Others, maybe a little less…

14 Oct 2011

Valley Forge? Don’t let it happen!

This is being written in too much haste and perhaps too much emotion. But I am getting vexed. I am concerned about a lack of support for the #Occupy movement from their natural allies (and purported supporters). I live near Seattle, and I have been trying to support the occupy

23 Sep 2011

Both Barrels from the New Aristocracy

Wow – a double-barrel news day for American pensions and retirement security. Barrel One, from the Private Sector First up, everybody’s favorite job creators and patriotic Americans, the CEO class (AKA the ruling class, the bourgeoisie, the capitalist class, MOTUs, bloodsucking vampires). It seems that sending our jobs overseas, smashing

22 Sep 2011

Scientific integrity: a comparison

The climate denial crowd would have us believe that the world’s climate scientists are deliberately misleading the public about climate change. These alarmists are in cahoots with government funders and are locking out their opponents. There is no global warming; it is all a lie. The Times’ Greenland Maps –

05 Sep 2011

Labor Day questions: Who is ‘productive’? Who gets to decide?

I am writing to follow up on Eli’s excellent post about democracy being ‘un-American’. He and the commenters bring out the connections between Matthew Vadum’s rant and the Republican efforts to shackle actual human voters and unleash corporate power in elections. But I thought there were a few other points

30 Aug 2011

Climate Scientist investigated (again!), vindicated (again!)

One of the world’s leading climate scientists, Michael Mann of Penn State, has been vindicated by the National Science Foundation. Almost no one noticed. Mann is the author of the famous “hockey stick” graph showing rising global temperatures. The graph, based on research conducted in 1999, was included in the