28 May 2012

We’re Not Back! We Never Left!

Take Charge and Tell the Occupy Story Occupy Writers and Media Coordinators Organize and Use all Aspects of Modern Media to Get the Occupy Story Out. How we write for journals and blogs, publish articles and commentaries, communicate with media editors, use social media, all combine to make the Occupy

08 May 2012

We’re Not Back! We Never Left!

Occupy the State A Review of the Oregon Model for State-Wide, Local, Occupy Groups.   Responding to needs to develop effective lines of communications to serve Occupy groups in Oregon and to develop better contact with mainstream and alternative news media, in true progressive tradition, Oregon is developing models for

16 Mar 2012

Liberal v Conservative? How About Progressive v Libertarian?

Political space offers us a three-dimensional viewpoint of political life., breaking down simple linear distinctions of conservative and liberal. It even goes beyond the political flatland described by economic and social political thought.. Traditional conservatives, neo-conservatives, isolationists, and internationalists, allclaim the pure staff of contemporary conservatism. Recently, another player has

11 Feb 2012

Addicted? Time to Leave the Haze Behind for the Freedom of political Space

Just why should it matter how we describe our personal politics? After all, the liberal-conservative division seems to satisfy most people,. Or, is the satisfaction merely an induced haze produced by managers of public opinion? Freeing ourselves from manipulation by elites depends on how we define ourselves. It depends on

10 Feb 2012

Can the Pundits Give Us Some Political Space?

For years conventional wisdom crammed the mass of political opinion into a narrow range, linear, and absolutely polarizing. At its worst we must live on a narrow one-way street called Liberal-Conservative Way. Sometimes we may even enter into the mystical realm of flatland, where conservative and liberal values expand to