01 Aug 2009

Other Eyes On The Prize

The buildup to the 2012 election has begun, and the right wing is trying to contain its crazies.

26 Jul 2009

Right Wing Threat: Government Takeover!

The right wing, by lying, convinces a lot of the public that they can’t be trusted, an object lesson in where the real threat…lies.

25 Jul 2009

Right Wing Hate: Lead Us Into Temptation

Hating on liberals on the air depends on a creepy audience and leads to craziness from the sort who listen.

24 Jul 2009

The American Right: Highly Effective Dysfunction

On the American right and the many ways profits are made by betraying the public interest.

23 Jul 2009

Church and State: Hating Our Freedoms in Texas

The right wing wants kids in Texas taught that God made America.

22 Jul 2009

Where Have All The Dollars Gone?

Sending business and tax payments abroad is U.S. businesses’ great idea, hope they are enjoying those third world salaries they’ve earned.

21 Jul 2009

Insurance: Collecting Money Without Providing Services Is Theft

Regulation of insurance companies is needed to end fraudulent raising funds for a purpose other than the contracted services.

20 Jul 2009

Business, Lobby, or Golden Parachute Factory?

The hydra of corporate profiteering is devouring our economy, and itself along with it.

18 Jul 2009

Science For Our Benefit

Startled by its swiftness, the scientific community was enabled to make studies of the melting ice caps by our spy satellites this week.

18 Jul 2009


Hello, I’m posting with The Seminal group, just back from a trip to Michigan and happy to be here.