25 Feb 2011

We Are Better Than This

Does morality have any meaning to “progressives” who refuse to support a primary challenge of Obama? They’ll be offended that I’m questioning their morality, they’ll be offended that I put “progressives” in quotation marks when I refer to them. Well ask me if I give a damn. They’re going to

20 Feb 2011

Sky of Memory and Shadow

30 years ago, the rich and their bought-and-paid-for-politicians began waging class war against the middle class and the poor. They didn’t call it that, they still don’t call it that, they never will call it that, but that’s what it is. Class war. There was no resistance, so they escalated

07 Feb 2011

It’s Always Been Here, Right In Front Of Us

I play a tambourine here at MyFDL. I sing hallelujah when I see people beaten down by oppression get up off their knees and defend their rights. I don’t recc diarists who throw a bucket of cold water on flickering candles that took 30 years to light. I won’t applaud

02 Feb 2011

We Gave Each Other Courage

It began on January 25, 2011, in the heart of Cairo, on the bridges over the Nile. Democracy Now! senior producer Sharif Abdel Kouddous . . . They came up on the bridges leading to Tahrir, faced off with hundreds and hundreds of riot police from the Interior Ministry, from

27 Jan 2011

Freedom Was Born Of It, Freedom Was Made Of It

This is the sound of the storm as it came, With courage and protest and thunder and flame . . . Don’t accuse me of violence, don‘t call me a threat, as you unleash your police with their mace and their guns.  You no longer know me, my name you’ve

26 Jan 2011

Breaking the Barrier of Fear

The old world is busy dying, a new world is busy being born. Old media is busy dying, new media is busy being born. Deceit is busy dying, the truth is busy being born. Moral cowardice is busy dying, moral courage is busy being born. The Mubarak regime is busy

16 Jan 2011

A Long and Lonely Road

The night is coming quickly, And the stars are on their way, As I stare into the evening, Looking for the words to say. About the long and lonely road the Left is on. About where we’re going and where we’ve been. About the miles that lie ahead of us,

11 Jan 2011

Though the Heavens Fall

Why was Jared Lee Loughner smiling in his mug shot? Why was he smiling just like Thomas Dale Delay was smiling in his mug shot? We could ask that woman in Alaska whose name I will not speak, but it would be pointless, she’s just as incoherent as Loughner is.

09 Jan 2011

A Star Too Far To Dream Of

There are many ways of being, In the circle we call life. A wise man seeks an answer, Burns his candle through the night. It’s time to burn some candles through the night, America. It’s time to light them across this land of broken dreams, dead end roads, moral cowardice

31 Dec 2010

We’ll Take a Cup of Kindness Yet

That lesson will be learned, it will be learned very well in the years to come. So keep the faith, keep telling the truth, it will finally be heard, it will finally be believed, it will set us all free. That Cup of Kindness will be passed among us, it will not be bought and sold, it will be shared, and all will drink from it. Corporate capitalism will be gone from this world, it’ll be as gone as the divine right of kings, it’ll be stone-cold dead and buried a mile deep in an unmarked grave on the dark side of the moon.