03 Mar 2011

CNN: “The bible really does condemn homosexuality” – me: “so what?”

I think they handed out the god pills at CNN today – for whatever reason the very newsworthy article “My Take: The Bible really does condemn homosexuality” made it to the headlines.     I would be wondering …    … what this is doing on CNN's homepage – did

29 May 2009

Sotomayor, and an interesting argument about upbringing

I just stumbled over a very interesting around Sotomayor’s nomination: Top Republican calls Limbaugh, Gingrich comments ‘terrible’. It’s mainly about some GOP senate politicians getting somewhat freaked out by the comments angry old white men (Gingrich and Limbaugh) are making about Sotomayor and try to distance themselves from those comments.

31 Jan 2009

Learning from History

Reading the news this morning, I stumbled over two pieces – unrelated at first sight – which then interestingly connected somehow: Pam is writing about Michael Steele's election as GOP chairman. There is one sentence that caught my eye: Steele defended former Gov. Bob Ehrlich’s decision to hold a $100,000

20 Oct 2008

50% believe, that Sarah Palin is qualified to serve as Vice President of the United States

Seems like our friends from the right are flooding a PBS poll.  50% of the people who took the poll currently say, she would be qualified to serve as Vice President of the United States.  Let's correct this and vote!  Good practice for November 4th anyway 😉  

11 Oct 2008

How did the hockey mom get on the national stage?

Yesterday's Washington Post had an interesting article about Palin – and how 'the simple hockey mom from Alaska' seemed to have gotten into the national spotlight – and it's not exactly what you would expect from a 'simple hockey mom' – she used one of them PR consulants – you

28 Sep 2008

Talking about freedom in Iraq …

During my Sunday morning news reading session I found this disturbing news: Iraqi gay leader gunned down by militias. According to this article, Bashar, a gay activist in Iraq, has been gunned down by a brigade of some militia. Not that this wouldn’t be sad enough, it gets a bit

04 Jul 2008

Charlie Crist – appealing to the gay community?

Crist reminds me of a phenomenon that we experienced in Hamburg a while ago: Hamburg was traditionally run by the SPD, comparable to the Democrats in the US.  In 2001, the conservative CDU (comparable to the Republicans) nominated Ole Von Beust to run for mayor/governor (Hamburg is a state and

03 Jul 2008

“Polygamist sect launches children’s clothes range”

Didn’t see that on major US news yet – maybe people here aren’t as surprised (and amused) about religious fanatics as people in other countries are: Polygamist sect launches children’s clothes range.  The Texas polygamist (and child abuse?) sect uses the publicity around them to launch a clothing line.  No

22 Jun 2008

Just a random observation

It’s another Sunday morning – and I am screening news.  Went over to AOL and read one of their main news stories about McCain and Obama and their fund raising race.  Sounded different from what CNN has to say.  Besides very different headlines, the difference in the final take away

17 May 2008

Just for the record – “Minister Caught in Sex Sting”

UPDATE: Perv Pastor Joe Barron has resigned. Is this even newsworthy anymore?  I somehow expect one of those per week anyways: BRYAN, Texas (May 17) – A minister from a Dallas-area Baptist megachurch was caught in an Internet sex sting and charged with online solicitation of a minor, police said