15 Feb 2011

Future Schlock

So we have to ask again, is the president stupid, or does he think you are stupid?

14 Nov 2010

David Leonhardt, Please Shut Up

Show me an enacted program to raise employment massively, and I’d be willing to talk about ways to fix the budget in a humane way, closing military bases, withdrawing from Afghanistan and Iraq, raising taxes, and plenty of other wholesome devices. Until then, forget it. The notion that we have to do something “now” or else is just a flaming lie. We’ve been told this for twenty years. Who can still believe it?

01 Jun 2010

How Monica Lewinsky Is Like the Gulf Oil Blowout

They are both fragrant and sticky? (Rim shot) The answer may be found below. (Double rim shot) Greetings, FireDawgs. Just visiting; my usual haunt is TPM Café, though I haven’t been seen there in some time. A few of you may know me from my biopic, Metropolis, lately presented in