11 Jan 2012

New Hampshire’s Magic Eight Ball…

….Is A Little Cloudy. After all. It did manage to pick Johnny McCain in 2008 and The Shrub in ’04. But. In 2000 it chose the even then old and crotchety McCain before he got Roved with the black baby story in SoCaro. And as for 1996? Well, that was the

24 Mar 2010

Why Does Ann Coulter Hate Canadian Free Speech So Much?

Ann Coulter gets p*wned by young muslim college kid in Canada.

07 Nov 2009

Marsha Blackburn Is A Shill And A Liar

The PUBLIC part of Canada’s H1N1 immunization is working….It is the bastards of privilege with their ‘privatization’ clinics that are the real horror….Yes….Privatization is taking vaccine from the arms of babes in Canada!

15 Aug 2009

Canadian Healthcare: My Grandma’s End Of Life ‘Life Panel’

End Of Life Living With Universal Healthcare

28 Jul 2009

Will Rep. Tom Price Confirm That He Will NOT Bill His Taxpayer-Funded Healthcare Plan For Shona Holmes’ Services?

The Continuing Blowback Of The Canadian Heathcare Haters’ Club, Inc.

28 Jul 2009

What Happens When a Canadian Gets a Real Brain Tumor?

Canadian Healthcare Treats Real Brain Tumors Immediately

26 Jul 2009

Canadian Healthcare Haters’ Club – The Wait Time Delusion.

If It’s Urgent You DON’T Wait In Canada

25 Jul 2009

Canadian HealthCare Haters’ Club Re-visited…..

Shona Holmes ‘Pre-Existing Condition’

24 Jul 2009

The Real Story On Shona Holmes

Ms. Holmes, the Canadian shill for the Healthcare Industrial Complex, did NOT have a malignant brain tumor.