01 Jun 2011

Demand a Presidential Request to Amend the Constitution

Start dialing now, while your read more:  202-456-1111 Switchboard: 202-456-1414 FAX: 202-456-2461  TTY/TDD  202-456-6213 Visitors Office: 202-456-2121 Fellow Citizens of the United States of America, We need to phone in to the White House, continuously, between now and July 4th to obtain action on the most critical challenge to Democracy

31 May 2011

Phone in Now to Overturn Citizens United

We need to light up the White House switchboard with calls asking our President to urge the passage of an amendment to overturn the Supreme Court decision in “Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission” It undermines every type of campaign finance reform, and opens wide the spigot of corporate cash.

01 Nov 2010

Dewey Wins – Wake Up And Vote

If the Republicans gain a majority, they will have control of the schedule. They have their marching orders, and will march to the tune of oil rigs drilling new holes in the ocean while your will life savings are ripped from your pocket.

20 Oct 2010

Remove the US Roadblock to Climate Action En Route to Cancun

Once again, I beat the drum to rid the body politic of an infected appendage. “An important instance of system change could be the change in the US political system: to eliminate the US Senate which has been standing in the way of progress on every front. The Senate has not even ratified the Kyoto treaty – and never will. Yet this is a measure that would easily have passed in the US House of Representatives, which is the only legislative body the American people need.”

20 Oct 2010

Chevron Expert’s Credibility Wanes in Wake of US$19 Million Judgment

A few days before the incredible greenwash attempt recently launched by Chevron, the expert witness for their multi-billion dollar trial in Ecuador was dealt a serious blow. Not once in 2 decades of work for Texaco and Chevron has John Connor found his clients to be responsible for harm to even a single person. The jury in Jefferson County, Mississippi found otherwise.

31 Jul 2010

Abolish the US Senate, End the Filibuster

Article One, Section One of the United states Constitution can and should be changed by an amendment that would effectively abolish the US Senate. History reveals that the process of amending the constitution is quicker than waiting for the Senate to act on the will of the People. Iowa Senator Tom Harkin and Illinois’ Dick Durbin both support the abolition of the filibuster. This is the strategy for Senators who wish to keep their jobs. Our world is moving faster, but our Senate is slowed by frequent use of this ancient artifact.