05 Apr 2012

Bullets Fly at Private Developer’s Student-Housing Complex

Cross Posted at Legal Schnauzer Fifteen to 20 shots were fired when a resident of The Grove apartment complex was murdered last month near Austin Peay State University at Clarksville, Tennessee. Shardae Wright, a 23-year-old member of the U.S. Army at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, was shot and killed in her apartment on

04 Apr 2012

University Presidents Play Hanky Panky With Taxpayer Dollars

    Cross Posted at Legal Schnauzer We noted in our previous segment, that an audit in summer 2003 examined the spending habits of University of Tennessee President John Shumaker. The audit would produce all kinds of damaging and embarrassing information about Shumaker, which was widely dessiminated in the Tennessee press.

03 Apr 2012

A Medical Examiner’s Mistake Causes A Woman’s Life To Unravel

    Cross Posted at Legal Schnauzer The State of Alabama has taken steps toward paying about $119,000 to compensate a woman who was wrongfully imprisoned for nine months on capital-murder charges because of a medical examiner’s mistake. Bridget Lee, 37, of Carrollton, was convicted of killing her newborn son by

02 Apr 2012

Obamacare Helps Show that Right-Wing Justices are Political Hacks

Cross Posted at Legal Schnauzer If nothing else, last week’s arguments in Washington, D.C., about Obamacare proved one thing: We have some intellectual featherweights on the conservative wing of the U.S. Supreme Court. The dimmest bulb in the legal firmament appears to be Chief Justice John Roberts, followed closely by right-wing

30 Mar 2012

New York Mets Pitcher Reveals That He Was the Victim of Child Sexual Abuse

  Cross Posted at Legal Schnauzer New York Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey reveals in a new book that he was the victim of sexual abuse as a child. Dickey’s revelations are the latest in a string of stories about the sexual abuse of boys, many of the cases connected to sports. The issue

29 Mar 2012

Did Lawyer’s Wife Pay $40,000 To Have Him Killed?

Cross Posted at Legal Schnauzer A suspect in the murder of Talladega attorney Blake Lazenby said Lazenby’s wife offered $40,000 to have her husband killed. Calvin McCall Haynes (photo above) said he did not want to take part in the murder plot, but he provided the name of another suspect, Ocie Lee

28 Mar 2012

University Board Poses Threat to Major Source of Drinking Water

The Ripple Effect from Rebecca Marston on Vimeo. Cross Posted at Legal Schnauzer The University of Alabama Board of Trustees is led by a man with documented ties to massive insurance fraud. The board soon could sell or lease property for a strip-mining operation that would threaten the drinking water

27 Mar 2012

“Fully Loaded Living” Comes to Student Housing

  Cross Posted at Legal Schnauzer Campus Crest Communities CEO Ted Rollins has an MBA from Duke University, so it stands to reason that he knows a thing or two about business. But Rollins must have skipped classes for the marketing component in Duke’s MBA program. How else can you explain

26 Mar 2012

Jerry Sandusky and the Damage That Pedophiles Leave Behind

Cross Posted at Legal Schnauzer A psychologist told police in 1998 that the behavior of former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky fit the profile of a “likely pedophile.” No one took action on the finding, and Sandusky allegedly went on to sexually abuse children until he was arrested in late

23 Mar 2012

Facebook Joins the Fray on Invasive Job-Interview Questions

  Cross Posted at Legal Schnauzer A story about employers asking prospective workers for their Facebook passwords during job interviews has spread rapidly this week on the Web. Now, Facebook itself has joined the fray, warning employers to back off. When I first heard about the story, I thought it was a joke.