11 May 2012

Federal Judge Lowers the Boom In Child Pornography Case

Cross Posted at Legal Schnauzer A 61-year-old Alabama man received a 30-year prison sentence this week after pleading guilty to child pornography charges. The case reportedly also involved instances of child sexual abuse Michael Wayne Wooten, of Alabaster, is a former Birmingham police officer and substitute bus driver in Shelby County. Wooten pleaded

09 May 2012

Conflict Arises As Siegelman Case Inches Toward SCOTUS

Cross Posted at Legal Schnauzer John-Alex Romano is the government lawyer who wrote a brief filed this month that opposes U.S. Supreme Court review of the Don Siegelman prosecution in Alabama. That, in itself, is not newsworthy. But when you consider that Romano is married to Caroline Gary Romano, chief of staff

02 May 2012

Wall Street Darling Ted Rollins Once Was Convicted for the Assault of His Stepson

Cross Posted at Legal Schnauzer Ted Rollins, CEO of Wall Street darling Campus Crest Communities, was convicted of assault in the 1995 beating of his stepson. Despite his criminal record, Rollins leads a company that in late 2010 completed a $380-million IPO on Wall Street. Campus Crest Communities has gone on

27 Apr 2012

University Presidents Weave a Multi-State Trail of Deception

  Cross Posted at Legal Schnauzer In our previous segments, we focused on misuse of public funds by former University of Tennessee president John Shumaker and UAB president Carol Garrison. The scandal, with Garrison near its center, resulted in Shumaker’s resignation. A close review of published reports about the episode shows that

19 Apr 2012

Child Sexual Abusers Are A Crafty And Elusive Bunch

Cross Posted at Legal Schnauzer The public’s general reaction to a case of child sexual abuse probably goes something like this: “The adult who did that is evil and should burn in hell.” Such a response is understandable, but abusers tend to be smart–and that can make it extremely difficult to intervene

18 Apr 2012

Why Did A Lawyer, 35, Die On A Walk To The Drugstore?

  Cross Posted at Legal Schnauzer   Alabama lawyer Chace Swatek died while in the midst of a two-mile roundtrip walk to a drugstore, according to details released by the Pelham Police Department. The cause of death remains undetermined, pending results of a toxicology report that is expected to take six months

11 Apr 2012

CEO Ted Rollins Has a History of Violence Toward Young People

  Cross Posted at Legal Schnauzer Ted Rollins, CEO of Campus Crest Communities, severely beat his stepson in 1995, causing the teenager to be taken to an emergency room by ambulance. Zac Parrish’s exact age at the time of the beating is unclear, but he was about 15 years old. Parrish,

10 Apr 2012

Debt Collectors Threaten to Kill Pets, Rape Mothers, and Desecrate Corpses

Cross Posted at Legal Schnauzer It’s been awhile since we’ve written a story about a wacky debt collector. But now we have a story that might have to take up permanent residence in the Wacky Debt Collector Hall of Fame. This one is so nasty and over the top that it

09 Apr 2012

CEO With Shaky Ethics Has At Least One Staunch Defender

Cross Posted at Legal Schnauzer   My research indicates that Campus Crest Communities CEO Ted Rollins has a habit of treating people badly, in both his personal and business affairs. On the personal side, perhaps no one has been treated worse than three residents of Alabama–Sherry Carroll Rollins, Ted’s ex wife, and

06 Apr 2012

Cause of 2008 Financial Crisis Remains Lost on Corporate Chieftains

Cross Posted at Legal Schnauzer A “banking guru” received a standing ovation this week when he told a group of Alabama business leaders that the federal government largely caused the 2008 financial collapse. John Allison, former CEO of BB&T Corp., told the Birmingham Kiwanis Club that banks were not the primary