09 Jul 2006

Head On Collision

Head On is a proud sponsor of Late Edition With Wolf Blitzer. You apply it directly to your forehead. My question is: What happens if you apply it to some other body part? Today, the head-on collision that is North Korea was Topic A on the Head Shows. Not much

07 Jul 2006

Hey, Rubes!

Did you know that Joe Klein of Newsweek Time magazine is not an employee of the Republican National Committee or a registered Republican voter? It’s true! And yet, just days ago, at this very site, I referred to Joe Klein and Cokie Roberts as "two Republican reporters." Try to believe

02 Jul 2006

The Rocket’s Head Glare

This week’s Heads in Review is a bit briefer than usual because… well, it’s a beautiful day.  The subjects of the day were Hamdan v. Rumsfeld and the Administration-endorsed charges of treason against the New York Times. The panels were loaded with Republicans and Republicans-posing-as-journalists, and I didn’t want to

25 Jun 2006

Eight Heads In A Duffel Bag

What do you get when you combine the eight Heads from the press panels on this Sunday’s Meet the Press and Fox News Sunday? Not the above, but its intellectual equivalent. This week’s panels generated neither light nor heat, but simply mild nausea. Meet the Press It was Big Russ

18 Jun 2006

Head of Household

This post is appearing later than I intended because Blogger (where I draft it) was down for a while this afternoon, and U.S. Open Golf preempted Meet the Press so I had to wait for the 7 p.m. replay on MSGOP.  And I hit the Refresh button halfway through the

11 Jun 2006

Headliners and Legends

The most important panel of the past week didn’t take place on any of the Sunday Head Shows. It took place in Las Vegas, where even the slots are liberal.  CSPAN has the video. I should qualify that statement by acknowledging that I didn’t see This Week with George Stephanopolous,

04 Jun 2006

Head East

As many get ready to head east, west and other directions to attend the Yearly Kos convention in Las Vegas, we head back to the swamps of Sunday morning journaltainment. Meet the Press  How does Tim do it? Every week an exclusive. This week an exclusive one-on-one with the reclusive, self-effacing Senator

28 May 2006

Head Cheese

Last week, I missed both the major and minor stories of the Sunday Heads, the major being Abu Gonzales’ assertion of the Administration’s inherent right to wiretap journalists; the minor, John Edwards’ proclamation of Bush as the worst. president. ever. Today, I’ve managed to catch all of the shows (thanks

21 May 2006


The Head Review is a work in progress, and some fine tuning is in order. Rather than switching back and forth between shows and summarizing by topic, I’m going to summarize by program instead.  I’m still having problems with the scope of coverage, since all four broadcast shows run at the same time and,

14 May 2006


  For those who don’t know me, I write a blog called Roger Ailes . Jane has graciously asked me to contribute a Sunday Morning Heads Recap post to firedoglake, and I’d like to thank her for the opportunity. Yesterday at 4:00 p.m., I was praying that I do a better