21 Jul 2013

The Downsizing of the Lynch Mob

There’s an old axiom unique to our history that what goes around comes back around, that the things we most sinfully covet may be repressed, but will always linger just enough until a future time of revival, under a more tolerably masked identity. An example would be how slavery was

13 Mar 2013

Ed Schultz and Class Warfare Too Much for MSNBC/Comcast

Ed Schultz is certainly not universally loved in Progressive circles, his concentrated stand on behalf of the American worker in both private and public sector perhaps made unnecessarily irritating to listen too under a blast of bloviating vocal cords and a bullying personality: even though the bully was on our

23 Aug 2012

Thar’s Gold In Them Thar Vaginas!

It was only a matter of time before some entrepenur jumps on the rape juice bandwagon. It is inevitable when women from all over the world will be able to provide a middle class living for their families or pay off their student loans more quickly by providing this and

23 Nov 2011

The Robert’s “Night before Thanksgiving”

Twas the night before Thanksgiving, and all through the kitchen, The Sweety was stirring, cooking, baking, and, boy, was she bitchin’. And all of the oven gloves hung neatly along the wall, Holes in every one, the Sweety burned fingers, not one but all. And The Robert and The Daughter

18 Nov 2011

Cop Dragging A Woman By Her Hair?

  Over the life of the #Occupy Wall Street Movement, I have experienced its beating heart mostly from the LiveStream pickups of those hosting the video chats from their occupation sites. Of course the numbers of viewers climb enormously whenever individual occupy streams are linked through Global Revolution, especially when

15 Nov 2011

The Punch Felt Around the World

Back in my grandfather’s time, punching a woman in the mouth was not only viewed by his society with indifference, but often with a judgment that she must have had it coming, especially if the recipient of the fist was the guy’s wife. She probably mouthed off to him one

02 Nov 2011

#Occupy Erie Unplugged: Will Santa Gozstola Get There In Time?

Have you heard about #Occupy Erie, Pennsylvania? Most probably haven’t, or, at least, are unaware of its 17-day history. We’ve come to know #Occupy NYC as the birth place and mothership of the #OWS Movement. We know about the criminal violence by cops against #Occupy Oakland. We know of the

31 Oct 2011

#Occupy Portland: Saturday in the Park

Jamison Square Park: 10/29/2011 Saturday, October 29, 2011, was another weekend of politician-ordered police actions against camps of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. In Denver, the camp in Civic Center Park was demolished by police and all tents and other possessions, personal and belonging to the occupation, was tossed into

29 Oct 2011

#Occupy Nashville: Let Those Occupiers Go!

Occupiers in Nashville, Tennessee scored a major victory again last night when Judicial Chancellor (magistrate) Thomas Edward Nelson ordered the immediate release of all 26 occupiers of Legislative Plaza, who were arrested in a second night of arrests and incarcerations by Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) officers under the orders of

28 Oct 2011

Occupy Nashville & San Diego: And the Beat Goes On

And here we go again: two more occupation camps raided in the dark early morning by law enforcement officers in numbers almost laughably excessive compared to the small number of occupiers in both the Nashville and San Diego assemblies. Making the farce all the more pathetic was the San Diego’s