08 Aug 2011

Bin Laden Turned in by Informant — Courier Was Cover Story

Forget the cover story of waterboarding-leads-to-courier-leads-to bin Laden.   Sources in the intelligence community tell me that after years of trying and one bureaucratically insane near-miss in Yemen, the US government killed OBL because a Pakistani intelligence officer came forward to collect the approximately $25 million reward from the State

07 Aug 2011

The Spy Who Billed Me Comes in from the Cold

After going black a couple of years ago, I’m returning to The Spy Who Billed Me.   The blog got a lot of attention, some of it good, some of it, well, you can guess.  I broke several national security stories and the best ones are, unfortunately, the ones I chose

06 Feb 2011

FDL Book Salon Welcomes Kathryn Bolkovac, The Whistleblower: Sex Trafficking, Military Contractors, and One Woman’s Fight for Justice

RJ Hillhouse, Host:

On April 11, 2010, private US military contractor DynCorp threw a party at its US-taxpayer funded Kunduz Regional Training Center where its employees train Afghan police. DynCorp’s employees allegedly took drugs and paid young “dancing boys” to entertain them.

The Washington Post described this incident last summer: “expatriate DynCorp employees in Afghanistan hired a teenage boy to perform a tribal dance at a company farewell party and videotaped the event.” Because of the incident, Dyncorp discharged four of its senior managers and revised its ethics policy.

Firing four supervisors and revising an ethics policy seems a bit harsh for hiring a boy to perform a tribal dance—something that could even be interpreted as culturally competent. What the Washington Post glossed over was that this tribal dance was a wide-spread Afghan tradition known as Bacha bazi. Bacha Bazi translates from Dari as “boy play.”