20 Dec 2014

Ismaaiyl Brinsley killed two police officers, he claims over the death of a child with a toy gun

I compare the recent murder of two police officers supposedly over the choking of a seller of loose cigarettes, to Charles Manson’s attempt to sponsor mayhem.

03 Dec 2014

Polio to Potential Massive Ebola Epidemic in Pakistan 90 Years in the Making

Polio workers are being killed in Pakistan where tribal boundaries overlap with Afghanistan, as fear of Ebola in Asia expands .The anger, hurt and suspicion of dark motives go far further back then the US using a polio vaccine scam to spy on bin Laden. 20 years ago Doctors Without Border’s Nurses were killed for not wearing at least a head scarf and having a male relative escort all the way back to the Soviet Union under Lenin pouring in aid and help to spread women’s rights and education. Some group should try to work with the militants with women with Burkas and male relatives escorts. The Cuban doctor cured of Ebola and his doctor wife could as a carrot offer other medical aid to the rebels. Her Ebola mask could be colored black like a Burka and of course as a survivor he would not need any face covering at all.

23 Nov 2014

Eat Shit, it can Save Your Life!

An Ebola survivor taking care of a sick relative might chew their food first, however without teeth getting antibodies could be an act of desperation.

Other possible ironies do to the Cuban Embargo Cuba, if the US pays for each doctor, might branch off to treating polio in tribal Pakistan where nurses are being assassinated, and be prepared when Ebola strikes.

A lot more ironies follow.

13 Nov 2014

Obama wants 600 billion to fight Ebola, give Cuba peanuts instead

Obama is going to beg the Lame Duck Congress to give 6.18 Billion to fight Ebola, instead of mean spirited rejections, progressives can urge ending the Embargo of Cuba and sending far less money to help them in their low cost proficient medical teams. World cooperation started a little with removing chemical weapons from Syria, maybe it can start up again in the Ebola fight.

02 Nov 2014

Ebola Pakistan, Something Actually Worth Panicking About

Pakistani troops are part of the peacekeepers in the Congo. If one case of Ebola entered Pakistan, terrorists might to angry at NATO or US doctors coming in to help, and for other reasons would resent doctors from India. So far no unaffected Muslim country is trying to fight Ebola. Could little Cuba be encouraged to take on one more medical task?

Also in the article hate comments against Thomas Ducan and Kaci Hickox, threaten to make someone want to hide the fact they got a fever. Quarantines may or may not be a good idea if they only delay entry into the US for three weeks. However politicians who decry Obama’s ability to govern over disagreement with this issue, and mix together the subject of delaying entry with stopping entry, these politicians winning would likely mean the world would loose the fight to stop Ebola. Let’s be terrified of them winning.

28 Oct 2014

Something About Ebola is Weird and Primeval, that Logic Can’t Fight

Our ancestress slept around a fire for a million years and had an institutional fear of dangerous snakes and spiders that didn’t run from fire. Recorded in the Middle Ages but probably existing from the cave was a dread of lepers. We have phobias all around us touching people who touched something that will later make them sick is one of them.

Everyone back from western central Africa has at least a one in the million fear of giving a loved one Ebola, and their friends have some nagging dread of them. So everyone, let’s create nice hotel spac

27 Oct 2014

Thank You Obama for all you did but Quarantines are a Psychological Necessity

People are suspicious of each other, quarantine would squash this.

Superman and superwomen cartoons where the hero saves the victem with a long super kiss

My personal dream of being a nurse being kissed by the President

Domestically the problem with Ebola is Fantasy. Fantasy is the solution

18 Oct 2014

Ebola: Precious Bits of Good News Can Help Us Create More

There are touches of silver lining in the Ebola story.
Never again will a hospital send someone home with a 103 degree fever. Mexico overreacting dashes the hopes of victory for sleazy politicians who claim the Southern Border threatens a Ebola Pandemic.
Senegal is now Ebola free,
and many more examples

16 Oct 2014

Ebola Hysteria, what does asking people to calm down do? Possible ways to combat Hysteria

Our ancestors developed fire 1.6 million years ago and felt safe from predictors sleeping around the fire, except they feared poisonous spiders and snakes who ignored the fire, they also feared strangers who spread deceases. All this is instinctual like a mouse who never saw a cat being terrorized by seeing a sleeping one. Our ancestors had no instinctual knowledge of airborne diseases, but being terrorized of lepers might have predated the middle ages. Maybe doing crazy things in fighting Ebola is part of our deepest instincts such as burning instead of heating to a boil point (actually less heat is need) an Ebola victim’s possessions then being terrified of allowing the ash into a landfill. Something particularly weird Ebola is in every secretion but so is antibodies in every secretion of an Ebola survivor. Why is Ebola survivor’s blood such a precious hot selling black market item yet almost no one wants to be around Ebola survivors or any of their other secretions. Its cruel that today Westerners survive Malaria and poor Africans don’t. Americans victims get survivors blood, but visitors to this country with Ebola don’t. But perhaps they can survive by ingesting other secretions to get the necessary antibodies to stay alive,
More to come keep tuned.

04 Oct 2014

Ebola, authorities who say don’t panic are actually sometimes helping the panic

Please fellow readers remember how few complained about the smears against Debo Adegbile, being nominated to serve in the Justice Department or for Hamid Aboutalebi to be the Iranian Ambassador to the UN until after the mud stuck, don’t wait to after many lie on forms and end up hiding from health care to respond to these smears. Join me in responding on the gossip news sites.